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i want a first hand experiences of what the 70's were like!?

anyone who lived their teens or early 20's in the 70's tell me how it was im really into the whole culture and i want to hear your experiences :)

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  • 9 years ago
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    What do you want to know about? Remember, the 70's were pretty much like today, it was just a little slower.

    For example, if I wanted to hook up with my friends, I had to telephone their house from my house, I couldn't text them. If they weren't at home, I had to leave a message, and if no one was home then the message wouldn't get delivered. Only about 1/10 of people had a telephone-answering machine, and those machines used cassette tapes.

    Cruising was the thing to do with your friends on Friday and Saturday night. It was also a chance to show off your car. Teens and men in their early 20's would spend hundreds of dollars on their cars, but especially on their stereos. The big thing to have was quadrophonic speakers; this was when the big speaker systems became popular.

    Music was played on radios, and most of the stations (in the early 70's) were on the AM band. FM didn't really take off until about 1978. Some guys had headphone radios. I wore one when I delivered morning newspapers, and I listened to KFRC, AM 610, with Dr. Don Rose.

    Most jeans were bell-bottoms, and T-shirts with iron-on transfers were in. By 1977 I had a collection of about 40 different T-shirts, each with a different picture on the front. Tie-dye shirts were popular clear up to about 1975. In 1974, one of my schoolteachers taught a class where kids learned how to tie-dye their own shirts, and that was a very popular class! Girls wore mini-skirts clear up to 1973, and then tapered off. After that, they mostly wore jeans and pants-suits. Long dresses and skirts came back about 1977, when Diane Keaton popularized the good dresses in fashion in Woody Allen's movie, Annie Hall.

    Hope that helps.

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