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Eric Z asked in HealthOther - Health · 9 years ago

Am I sick with the flu or what?

I feel like I have a lot of energy to do stuff, but yet at the same time I know that I'm tired and if I sit down and relax for a bit I feel like sleeping. My eyes tell me I'm tired, also. My eyes kind of burn, for lack of a better word... They don't really burn that's just the closest way I can describe it. I get the urge to squeeze them shut for a second once in a while, also. I also have a mild case of diahrrea. My face is also warm sometimes, and I've been more sensitive to the warm water in the shower. I'm pretty sure I'm sick, but what kind of sickness would I have?

I have also increased my amount of exercise slightly, but still I am not exercising all that much (30 minutes a day five days a week).

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    That sounds like insomnia to me - except for the diarrhea. 30 min. exercise per day is good, but try to exercise while doing stuff. Jog to the sink instead of walk, stretch when sweeping the floor or doing dishes. Jog in place while preparing a meal. Jog in place as your computer reads something to you. Do yoga every morning, even if it's the same 2 positions over and over again as you breathe.

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    5 years ago

    I'm no longer unwell but. I received my flu shot so I wish I do not get the flu. But, I would possibly get a bloodless or 2 down the avenue. I ultimately discovered how you can regularly get my sinus disorders underneath manage.

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