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Anonymous asked in PetsBirds · 9 years ago

can my parakeet play with another bird ?

Me and my brother both just got parakeets , We recently just split them up about a week ago . can they still play with each other out side of there cage just for fun ? or should we just keep them separated for ever ?

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  • 9 years ago
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    I have six parakeets but we keep them all in the same cage, otherwise, they'll be bored to death sitting alone and not communicating with others. I can actually relate to you because my brother and i first only got two parakeets but then my dad wanted more so now we have six. Also, you should let them go outside of their cages often, my cage has a little play thing on the top so we usually put them there every so often. You can also tell them from female and male by their nose colors, guys are blue but girls are pick, they will start to show their colors about two or three months after birth.

    WARNING- Most birds would tend to eat their babies. Mine ate all six of them..

  • Of course! Parakeets love to interact with other birds. As long as they play nice no biting nipping etc. I recomind if you aren't gonna spend a ton of time with it and you want them in seperate cages, put the cages close to eachother. Parakeets love company

    Source(s): 10 year bird owner currently a double yellow headed amazon and congo african grey
  • 9 years ago

    Yes they can. Parakeets are very playful birds and like to chatter and mingle with eachother. Unless they've been fighting or you don't want them to breed or something, I see no reason to split them up. Be careful that they don't fly away and always keep them inside!

    Good luck with your birds!! :)

    Source(s): Proud Owner of many beautiful parakeets and cockatiels. :)
  • cottle
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    4 years ago

    My buddy were given a Maroon abdomen or eco-friendly Cheek Conure at present that looks to get alongside properly mutually with her different birds. From own adventure even with the undeniable fact that, in case you want it to get on properly with the others, Senegals and Quakers both are very territorial.

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  • 9 years ago

    just keep them in the same cage because that will help them live a happier life

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