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Anonymous asked in Arts & HumanitiesPoetry · 9 years ago

Are you an E or a G? What camp are you in?

There are two "armed camps in Yahoo Poetry these days, with fewer and fewer cross-overs.

There are those who support antique poetry, niceness over sincerity and dubious lexicons and definitions of words, which can more or less be calked the "Greek" camp.

There are those who write from the heart, sometimes eschew structure, use dictionaries and believe in truth-telling over politeness, this group are the "Empathetics" (a word which some in the Greek camp believe means antithetic, which may describe some of the E's even better than Empathetic.)

Are you an E or a G? (Pandora and LoveChild are honorary members of both groups.)

Can you answer or would that reveal too much (Nancy?)


I've taken the blocks off some of the more disreputable characters in here (particularly some "Greeks") so they can answer for themselves. This is just a window, not an amnesty.

Update 2:

There would be no camps if the E's were not despised and hounded by the G's, despite (appearances to the contrary as they like to start a conflict and then step back and play the victim.)

If one dislikes conflict, one should disavow the "games" some of the G's play, like giving themselves TD's to generate sympathy. Complaining about TD's is a little like complaining about hickeys. Nobody would even notice them if you were so busy going on about them. Yahoo games get so old.

Update 3:

Those who deride the conflict and pretend not to be in it are kidding themselves, because to ignore bad behavior is to condone it.

PQ: If you could demonstrate this "polite honesty" I wouldn't recognize you. If you aren't an E then you are the E-est G in the universe.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
    Favorite Answer

    Hiram I have received 1000s of TDs during the last months.

    Since though you separate people in here in two camps (foolishly) please tell me how Sandra received 4,300 points in two days this week and Dallas 400 in the same time.

    These are hacking points Hiram and they both augment their total against the rest of us, honest poets.

    Is this the Happy family ALL of you, in your camp, talk about?

    Who is offering those points Hiram?

  • 9 years ago

    Hi l᠐vеट৸ilD...{{{hugs}}}

    As for the camps, if they do exist, then they should be demolished,

    as they cause nothing but destruction, ill feeling and jealousy...

    Some say we are a 'family' here, let us rediscover this family with

    all that 'normal' families entail...the 'ups' and the 'downs'...

    @ Self,

    I understand what you're saying about your poetry,

    however, I do not have the ability to pull a poem apart

    to let you know if you have abided by the rules.

    I still cannot get my head around all these poetic rules

    for my own poems, and if I get it right, it's quite by accident.

    All I can offer you, is how your poem affects me, if I like or

    dislike it etc..

    {{{hugs}}} to you too...

  • 9 years ago

    As a Reader, as far as I know there are NO camps...only Egos...that clash often enough to spoil this section and reduce it to kid's playground. Yes, the levels of fights are so darned childish!

    As for poetry, I love what Cassie, Pandora, LC, Yesu, 5'7, Semplistic, Neonman write...wherever you may choose to fit them! (The last three I come across occasionally!).

    You, on the other hand, show brilliance in parts...but mostly are like a sandpaper, lol. Please do remember truth-telling needn't necessarily be impolite....

  • -
    Lv 7
    9 years ago

    I'm an EniG ma!!! ahahah, good play on words, eh?

    Seriously, I don't like labels, never have. I like what I like, I dislike what I don't.

    I like whom I like, don't care about those whom I don't.

    Rather than say something really nasty, I just avoid a post.

    I've never been confrontational, don't have the guts for it.

    I'm not skilled enough to offer a harsh critique, honest or not.

    I just react to a poem's contents.

    So, what does that make me?

    I camp in our motor home, not on here!

    In this, I remain true to myself,

    just as you do, HH, which I respect,

    though our styles be different.

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  • ?
    Lv 5
    9 years ago

    I REFUSE to belong to any "camps", "cliques", "other anythings divisive on YAP!"

    I enjoy being on YAP; I like to read poems I find interesting, intriguing, fascinating, brilliant, short, long, even new poems by ones who are trying to learn how to write poetry.

    Humbly, I am definitely NOT nearly as good as any other poets including the best poets I consider brilliant, here, on YAP.

    I am also trying to write different poetry forms I was taught, I know haven't practiced it much. So, my poems hardly get read; but my darling friends are always there to offer opinions I take to heart.

    I want these dear friends/contacts of mine to honestly critique my poetry so I may learn from mistakes and become better at this art I love so much. I wish Dallas, Sue, Pandora, Elysabeth, and the rest of my contacts to be truly honest critiquing my poetry.

    Andy P is a great example; he is honest to the proverbial "fault." As I consider him a great poet, his critique, at times harsh hurts me at 1st but I so appreciate him taking the time to read my poems and express his honest opinions; so, I learn from a Master poet and incorporate his good advices in my next poem.

    I am free from all:







    This Is Disconcerting.



    @ Darling Pandora, You I Truly Love & Thank You So Much For Always Being A True Friend.

    I Don't Like Walls.

    Saundra, She of

    Without Boundaries

    Affirms YAP Freedom


    {{{ soft hugs to you my dear friend }}}

    Source(s): I do Not subscribe to the, "divide and concur" mentality. It's divisive and it impacts this wonder poetry room, which should remain free without squabbles, divisive camps, or any other undesirable conduct. Let it Rain. TDs Bane! :)
  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    hiya HH.

    i would rather stay out of a group that results in 14 TD in less than an hour, but wish i could write in the classic style when i chose to. longfellow is the poet i have always wished to emulate or maybe shel silverstein (he spent decades in playboy mansion, more prestigious than being buried in poets corner to my way of thinking).

  • 9 years ago

    I am a camp-less non-poet

    pretending to be one.

    I cannot,

    do not measure men,

    a tailor will do that.

    I am impressed with new

    with old,

    Beethoven or

    Chris Brown,

    a dreamer is

    all that I am,

    here for a while

    then gone.

  • 9 years ago

    Yowee I probly shouldn't even have answered this as late as it is for me, but I guess i'm mostly a "E", but I don't try to disrespect anybody, so maybe I'm just the one who has to go out to get firewood for the "camp"? Yikes, I should just shush and back away slowly.

  • 9 years ago

    Well I am an open book these days aren't I? At least I am in good company. Hi Πανδώρα!

  • ?
    Lv 5
    9 years ago

    Severely E, here...and not ashamed. I'm both empathic and empathetic...but who wants to go there? I'm not a G...unless I slip.

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