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Help me come up with some surnames for a few characters?

I have a few characters for a book I am going to write, but I need some surnames ( last names, for those who don't know what a surname is ). Here are the characters :

Sabrina - 10 years old, acts older than she is, likes to cook, has a knack for languages, knows sign language, likes to sing, likes to dance, happy, sarcastic, giggly, bouncy, sweet, patient, gentle, calm, generous... idk

Peri - Already has a last name... 'Houston.'

Drew - 15 year old girl, part deaf, likes to rap, breakdance, and do hip-hop or techno sort of dancing. She likes any other kind of dance too, but those are her favorite. She knows sign language and many others. She likes to sing too. She's loud, obnoxious, strange, sarcastic, random, pretty forward, cool, witty, pretty... uhhh.... well, I hate saying it, but there's really no other way TO say it... she's pretty 'bad ***' and I don't really know much else to say...

Matt - 17 year old boy, Peri's boyfriend, cool, 'hot,' ladies guy, forward, sarcastic, sharp, sweet, romantic, persistent, stubborn, likes to be insulted ( which is a lot why he likes Peri, because she keeps calling him names, mocking him, and talking to him like he stupid ) 'bad ***,' strong.... that's all I got.

Carter - 17 year old boy, Drew's boyfriend, basically the exact same as Matt minus the 'likes being insulted' part. And he plays bass and does back-up vocals in a band. And he's VERY forward.

Tony - 30-35 year old guy ( I'm indecisive at this point ), sweet, romantic, caring, generous, single, has a habit of saying "Care to define that?" when someone is not clear or he's confused. He's the owner and chef of a five star restaurant.

He has a major crush on Sarah, he plays acoustic guitar and a little piano and he sings ( only stuff like 'Hey There, Delilah' though ), he has a knack for languages, he's rich ( though he doesn't like to say so and frankly is lonely with himself and his mansion ), he likes animals and owns several ( dogs, cats, birds, + one lonesome turtle and an outcast bird known as a 'duck.' lol )... that's all I got.

Sarah - 28 years old, sweet, kind, gentle, romantic, loving, patient, sarcastic, generous, giggly, calm, fun, great with kids, fluster-able, witty, outrageous, intelligent. One of the best doctors at the local hospital, works in both the kids medical section and the section for surgery on adults ( but she refuses to take place in surgery on children, as it hurts her to see them in such a condition or in so much pain that they need that sort of thing ). Plays both electric and acoustic guitar, she sings, she has a crush on Tony, she's good with languages, ... ... I've got nothing else.

Please help, thank you.



Ok, wow... lotta names! Well, I'm pretty picky, so a lot of names is good! Of these, I like these the most ( note : I changed them up a bit ) :

Drew Baily

Carter Wolfe

I would have said more than this, but I have about five minutes 'til I have to go to town... so I'll continue this later! Thanks to all so far!

Update 2:

Okay, these names have been settled :

Sabrina Hartley

Matt Winters

Sarah Greyson

Peri Houston

The name Carter Mason I really really like.... but it makes me think of Carter Mason in 'Princess Protection Program' and I'm not sure.... so that's still open.

So the names left are :




Thanks for all the help so far!

Update 3:

Okay... cross off Drew and Carter... I now have :

Drew Baily

Carter Wolfe

So now all thats left is Tony... great!

Update 4:

By the way, 'Matt' is short for 'Mattlan' not 'Matthew.' And I changed my mind, Matt's surname is not definite yet. So we still have Matt and Tony.

8 Answers

  • Emily
    Lv 4
    9 years ago
    Favorite Answer

    Sabrina- I feel like "Sabrina Berry" has a nice ring to it, and would fit her personality :P

    Drew- My picks are "Drew Davis" and "Drew Harper"

    Matt- "Matt Simon", "Matt Wood", "Matt Wolfe"

    Carter- I like "Carter Jacobs" the most, I like the way it sounds :D but here are my other picks- "Carter Armstrong." and "Carter Fox."

    Tony- "Tony Patrick," "Tony Fisher"

    Sarah- "Sarah Reed." "Sarah Wilkson," Sarah White"

    Hope you liked em! ^.^

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  • ?
    Lv 6
    9 years ago

    Sabrina Fencster

    Drew Carter

    Matt Dane

    Carter Wellings

    Tony Gelling

    Sarah Herring

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  • 9 years ago

    Sabrina Mckee

    Drew Abbott

    Matt Chancellor

    Carter Carrington

    Tony Nolan

    Sarah Andrews

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Sabrina Stamler

    Drew Weiss

    Matt Minnix

    Carter Jason

    Tony Preston

    Sarah Merchi

    Sabrina Hollaway

    Drew Haddix

    Matt (Matthew) Gray

    Carter Ghrist

    Tony Young

    Sarah Sorenson

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  • 9 years ago

    Sabrina Dodge, Clarkeson

    Drew Sayders, Louis, Baily

    Matt Stevens, Markley,

    Carter Todd, Hudson, Hutcheson

    Sarah Jameson, Sudbrink, Davis

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  • 9 years ago

    For Sabrina a middle eastern name or something Scottish. McKenzie or McDougall are good options. For drew I think Stevenson. Or Fitzgerald something long to go with her short name.For matt think about people you know and use their name with a twist. I like the second name ferguson or Jacobs. For carter I like Stewart or davidson as the second name, maybe Donaldson. For Tony use an older name Like Baxter or blaikie probably something beginning with b or p. For Sarah something sweet and short would be good like Small or Jensen or even smith. Good luck on your book and as a writer myself I want you to really think about your book before you start and plan it out well. I love your ideas, don't let them go to waste! Happy writing!

    Source(s): Own experiences
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  • 9 years ago

    U culd use like Sarah Chaz, Tony Brookz, Carter Fox, Matt Tien (pronounced like "teen") Drew Cetun (like "ke-ton) Sabrina Loyt. Just make up random ones, if u don't like them! Hope u do though! :D

    Source(s): I like 2 write books :b
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  • 9 years ago

    sabrina andrews,drew taylor,matt samuels,carter johnson,tony pittouski, sarah ingrams.welcome!

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