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Anonymous asked in Pregnancy & ParentingTrying to Conceive · 9 years ago

Doesn't it just hurt you to think about not being able to have a beautiful child?

I have been TTC for about a year now, I'm not losing hope just that fast. I'm still young so I have plenty years to go, I just want to be pregnant very soon!

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    Read my previous post! It does hurt, and its scary. The hard part is, I cannot TTC for a while. I am far to young and to know it will almost 100% deffiently be hard is a scary thing. I dont know who you are but I will pray for you. Being a mother, is almost every girls dreams. My heart goes out to you!

  • 9 years ago

    Dont loose hope!! Have Faith because your time will come..... I tried for 5 years @ age 18 when I got married and nothing happened, so went to see a fertility doctor who prescribe me Clomid and on my second round got pregnant....unfortunately had a chemical pregnancy the again on my second round I once more got pregnant:) but I had a blighted ovum:( and Im back on trying with clomid!!!! But never give up nor loose faith

    Sometimes, when conception is delayed, it is because God has chosen to let you grow very mature before He entrusts a child to you. Perhaps He has a special plan for you and your child and only a very mature woman can be trusted with this destiny. Other times, it is because you are chosen for something important and a child is not compatible with God's current plan for you. He even chooses some to be childless because He has chosen them for another purpose.

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