headlight upgrade to h.i.d?

Planning on getting h.i.d headlights..?

so i have a 02 Mitsubishi Galant ES and i want to get hid's for it, one problem i am unsure of what bulb i should get (i.e h4, 9003 etc. etc.) i do know it is a bi-xenon headlight meaning it's one Hi/low bulb, i also know i am leaning more to the 10000k than 12000k, so i am wondering what SIZE i am going to need for the bulb, also i need to know what bulb i would use for the fog lights below preferably the same color. any help is appreciated. Thanks

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    http://www.modifiedlife.com/2002-mitsubishi-galant... That link I just gave you has the size of your lights. On the Mitsubishi Galants, they have some confusing lights. I am unsure exactly what you light bulb size is, so I included the link. I think your lights are 9003/HB2 and your fog lights are size 899. You might want to go to autozone or something just to make sure which bulb you should get for your head lights. Now you will probably want the same color of lights for your fogs, it might look weird in my opinion with different colors. If you have any questions or need any more help, just shoot me an E-mail.

    NOTE: The stuff I typed above is basically straightforward what you asked for. All this stuff below is just some information you might like if you didn't know.

    3000k-golden yellow. Recommended for off road use only.

    4300k-White. Street legal.

    5000k-pure daylight. Street legal.

    6000k-Diamond white. Street legal.( this is the color that is in most luxury cars )

    8000k-White light with a blue tinge.Street legal.

    10000k-Blue. Recommended for off road use only.

    12000k-Blueish purple. Recommended for off road use only.

    Note: cops are not too strict about these

    And so on. Basically the higher "k" the more blue. When you go to buy a kit most places have a pull down to select you bulb size and color.

    Next. What kind of bulb do you have? You will need to know this ( should say in your instruction manual.)

    Single beam kit-( one beam. If you got a single beam, that would mean you would be missing your high or low beam depending on which single beam you got.)

    Hi/Low kit-(Low beam xenon, high beam halogen.)

    Bi-xenon kit-(Both low beam and high beam are xenon hid.)


    Doest your car have DRL? (Daytime Running Lights) If you do you might have to disable those or get a cancellor

    A relay harness basically pulls more energy if your bulbs don't operate after the install ( sold seperately)

    A cancellor is for cars with computerized lighting systems ( DRL for example ) (Sold seperately)

    Now when you get your kit, you should receive a few cords and a box. The box is called the ballast. Your lights will have a cord attached to them and that cord will connect to the box. Then a cord going from the box will plug into your factory lighting. Note:: your kit should come with instructions. Most kits are plug and play meaning no modifications needed. You literally match up the plugs that go with each other. Kensun HID is known to have great customer service too. Now when you install your kit you might hear a buzz sound (barely noticeable especially when car is on) THAT IS NORMAL. It is just your ballast.

    ***Closing...I know I threw a lot of information at you but I think that is it. Basically when you go to order. Choose your bulb size and bulb color. Then when your kit comes, put those babies in and enjoy. Trust me, they will give you car a cooler look and you can see a lot better at night. If you have any more questions don't hesitate to hit me with an email. It is literally easy, like I said if you can change a bulb, you can install this kit. Your kit will come with everything you need (except a relay and cancellor, sold seperately) It will come with all the cords necessary for each headlamp, 2 ballast, 2 Xenon HID bulbs, and step by step instructions

    One thing I forgot to mention, is in your purchase, you might notice kits with premium ballast and kits with digital slim ballast. Get the digital slim ballast. They are smaller and easier to mount. Also, they have a lower failure rate.

    Enjoy your HID kit!

    Source(s): I got my kit from http://www.kensun.com/ as you notice the site is under construction, but they still sell on amazon and ebay. This site is where I order all my kits and everything I need for installations, they also have amazing customer service.
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    Ever look at the headlight wiring on an 02 Galant???????????????

    Source(s): 18 year Mitsubishi Master Technician
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