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urgent dental advice, abscess on front tooth, already had root canal !!!?

hey :) i had severe pain in my front right tooth and went to the dentist yesterday and she said i have ans abscess , only i have already had root canal treatment on the tooth because i had an accident when i was 9 , the tooth was chipped in half so was built up and had the root canal. anyway.. i was wondering what my options are... i already have a fake front tooth from the same accident i had as a child and i really dont want another fake tooth as i am only 18 and being at college i cant have time off to wait for a replacement tooth and i really cant go in without a front tooth :( she has given me anti biotics, but can these heal the infection or slow it down? dentist said it could heal it but im not sure?? she did say there is something she could do but would have to take an x-ray and she said it is more than likely it will have to come out at some point. Are there any other options except from having it pulled? i went through so much time in appointments getting it fixed when i was little it seems a shame. i will be grateful for anyone who can help, thanks x

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    Sometmies the root canal can be redone. Othertimes you can have what is called an "Apicoectomy" where the root canal specialist (endodontist) cuts into your gum above your tooth, removes the infection directly, seals up the end of the root directly, and stitches it back up.

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