What would be a decent upgrade to this old computer?

My dad has this old computer intended to be sort of a media center (no games, just music, movies, browsing, skype, etc). Lately he's been complaining that movies or files in general take forever to load and so on. These are the specs:

OS: MS Windows XP Professional 32-bit SP3

CPU: Intel Celeron 347 (Cedar Mill) 65nm Technology

RAM: 1.00 GB DDR2 @ 200MHz (3-4-4-9) (2/4 memory slots used)

Motherboard: Shuttle Inc FS30V10 (Socket 775)

Graphics: SiS Mirage Graphics

What should I do to upgrade this computer? Is it even worth upgrading it or should I get a new one? I'm guessing that getting some more RAM wouldn't hurt, but I don't know if the motherboard could support the newer processors (perhaps stick to the Cedar Mill series?).

Thanks in advance.


Thank you for the suggestion to get a new one, but I still need to know what I could do to upgrade the existing computer.

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  • C-Man
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    9 years ago
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    I think this is the supported CPU list for that motherboard:


    So it looks like a Pentium dual-core (65nm) is your best bet. Something like an E2180 or E2200... of course those are only available secondhand now, like all CPUs from the 2006-2007 era. But they're only $30-$35 on Ebay, and would be a nice upgrade over your Celeron 347.

    On the GPU side, that SiS Mirage chipset is just atrocious... among the worst in existence for integrated graphics (around # 357-358 overall)


    There's a PCI-E x16 slot, but the shuttle power supply is either 200 or 240 watts. So the only graphics card upgrade I'd recommend is a Radeon HD 5450, which has a miniscule power draw.


    Anyway, I don't know which of these you've got:



    So you could spend $40 and improve things quite a bit. Or spend a little more if you wanted to upgrade the RAM (might be tricky to find) and GPU. Still under $100 total for everything.

    This isn't an exact comparison, but here's the Celeron 420 vs the Dual-Core Pentium E4500 (the lowest models of each type that Anandtech has benchmarks for).


    So you have good, cheap upgrade options. Although I'm concerned that he's complaining about long load times. Might be because of a hard disk problem, and unfortunately those aren't cheap right now. Maybe do a defrag and run scandisk first?

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  • dyles
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    4 years ago

    It relies upon on what you would be employing the pc for. Will there be a plus in case you are able to improve it at a plenty lesser fee? SSDs are costly and are constrained in storage ability. you're arranged to speed up the loading of the OS and purposes yet you will nonetheless have a bottleneck interior the CPU, RAM and GPU. opportunities are high, the motherboard would not have a SATA controller so which you will ought to purchase an adapter. The SSD option will consume up your funds and you will have no longer something left to develop your different factors. i could propose which you forget approximately the SSD at this element. it particularly is extra effective which you spend the money on a conventional yet larger confusing tension, extra RAM (max out what your motherboard can take) and probably a quicker pics card. it is likewise possibly that it would not have a DVD burner so which you would be wanting one. examine and determine that the pc has ethernet and USB 2.0 ports. If there remains sufficient money left, attempt searching for a quicker CPU yet take word which you will no longer get extra contemporary CPU fashions because it is going to require you to alter the motherboard.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    A quick way to boost performance is to get more RAM, be warned though. A 32-Bit OS can only handle a max of 4 GB of RAM. [Make sure its DDR2 DIMM RAM]

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  • 9 years ago

    get a new computer..you can find great entry level PCs for $500

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  • 9 years ago

    I would tell him to get a new one hope I helped good luck

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