Is PMI on a FHA loan tax deductible in 2012?

We'll be buying a house under an FHA loan because the interest rate is smoking, but we'll have a PMI for the entire 30 years (even so, it'll cheaper than using a conventional loan). We were wondering if PMI will be tax deductible in 2012? Thanks!

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  • 8 years ago
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    As of right now, the deduction for PMI expires with the 2011 tax year. Whether or not Congress renews the deduction for 2012 and beyond is anyone's guess.

  • 8 years ago

    FHA loans don't have PMI, they have MIP. There's a difference. MIP is a single payment insurance premium that you can finance or pay at closing in cash. See the instructions for Schedule A to see how MIP is handled if Congress decides to extend it to tax year 2012 or beyond.

  • pratts
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    3 years ago

    With FHA loans they're going to constantly have PMI via actuality it particularly is backed by applying way of the authorities so as that they % to guard themselves. With a typical very own loan particular as immediately as you attain 80% LTV they're going to drop your PMI. the financial agency in lots of circumstances demands which you wait a million 365 days in the previous getting a sparkling appraisal to show which you're shrink than 80%.

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