Is Radiohead's Thom Yorke depressed or something?

I'm not hating on the guy, quite frankly, I love him. Whenever I see him in music videos and concerts, he seems sad and shows no emotion. It seems so to the point where he's depressed.

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    8 years ago
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    Thom suffered a breakdown during and after the OK Computer tour (You can see this in their movie 'Meeting People Is Easy'). He couldn't cope with all of the interviews, the way they we're 'the best' then suddenly not, Thom already suffered with depression. He got 5 operations done on his eye when he was a little boy, one of them failed and he was left partially blinded in one eye. Apparently he burst out crying when he woke up from that operation. His parents moved around a lot so so did he, he settled down finally and was sent to a public school Abingdon, where he was bullied because of his eye, and because he was an individual. Public schools don't really accommodate for individuality, the only way he coped was spending his time in the booths in the music department. He is a very private introverted person. He is also very socially aware, he cares about the earth and is worried about global warming, which would bring anyone down. He doesn't want his music to come across depressing, a lot of it is just his voice and stage presence. A lot of Radiohead's music seems sad, but then becomes more uplifting near the end, but not overtly uplifting. Most people ignore this and brand them 'Depressing' just because they are only used to 'happy' songs, most of which are pop garbage. I get how you feel, but i can really relate to his sadness in a sense. Look at him in the music video for 'Lotus Flower'! he isn't sad there :). He isn't sad all the time (look at videos below <3)

    Hope i enlightened,

    A British Radiohead fan <3

    Weird fact about Thom - He likes Bagpuss, An old kids TV programme

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    4 years ago

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