Best city to live in South Carolina?

This question may be stupid to you since I live in South Carolina now and have for mostly my entire life but here we go. I live in Fort Mill now, my parent's like it because it has great schools (which not most of SC can boast about) and we're close to NC shops. I was looking into moving to Santa Monica or something later on when I graduate college (and I am planning on working part time as well so I'll get a good savings under my belt) but I feel so guilty leaving SC because my parents are gonna stay and my brother is already moving to NY.

So I have decided for my paren't sake to just stay in SC but dear Lord, I cannot stay in Fort Mill. I enjoy Charleston every time I visit, it's so historical and beautiful! But traffic/parking is a nightmare and I don't know how much living expenses are because I've only vacationed. Folly Beach was also nice but not as pretty as downtown Charleston and I don't know about living there...and there were so many tourists!

I most definitely do not want to live Columbia at all or any city with nothing to do. I'm into cities with historical value by the way. I don't care about Carowinds or anything, because I live like 5 minutes away from it now and it's gotten old going there every summer.

Sorry for the long description but any reccomendations?

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    I live in the Charleston area.

    There are many- MANY- beautiful and historic places in this city and its surrounding areas. You would have plenty to explore for leisure, as I am sureyou have not seen them all.

    Traffic and parking is a nightmare...downtown. You do not need to live downtown, though. The city of Charleston is actually quite large and encompasses a much greater area than the downtown area. You could opt to live on James Island, West Ashley, etc. or even North Charleston or an outlying area such as Summerville (a short trip from Charleston, many people commute), Mount Pleasant, etc.

    Downtown and Mount Pleasant are going to be MUCH more expensive, in general, than the other options. However, there are plenty of different accomodations available to meet all budgets and I am sure you could find something that would be right for you.

    You are pointing out negative factors, but there will be negative factors to any city- even Santa Monica. You are probably just not aware of them yet because you have not visited at all/often.

    Charleston, and the surrounding areas, has a lot to offer. There is plenty to do, the economy is booming with Boeing and the cruise lines and other large corporations locating here.

    The parent in my wants to say NO, do not move! I do not look forward to the day when one of my c hildren may move far away. However, I do not think that you should stay somewhere you do not want to be out of a sense of obligation to your parents because your sibling is already moving away. If Santa Monica is your dream, go! You can communicate via phone calls, texts, emails, Facebook. They can come visit you and/or you can go home to visit them- via plane, you are only a few hours away and there are other forms of transportation as well (car, train, bus...).

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    actual everyone seems to be announcing Charleston, SC it is an fairly cool city, in spite of the undeniable fact that it extremely is a coastal city - not hurricane loose. I stay in Charlotte - especially cool place. NFL, NBA, minor league hockey & baseball. approximately 3 hours to the seashores and a pair hours to the mountains. concert activities come oftentimes. plenty to do uptown. Charlotte is likewise approximately to grow to be the international locations greatest banking center with financial corporation of united statesa. based right here, besides as Wachovia. As you recognize, BoA basically offered Merrill Lynch, and Wachovia is speaking merger with Morgan Stanley. So, while you're a banker - it extremely is a sturdy spot.

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    We have spent a couple of long weekends in Beaufort and absolutely loved this city by the sea! You may want to check it out.

  • 9 years ago

    Columbia I would say or else something by the beach that's for sure!

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