help on buying a new digital piano..?

Hello, I am looking to buy a new digital piano for no more than £300.00.. I am looking for a piano that will be easy to transport and a piano that sounds like a real piano.. I found this.. anyone know if this would be a good piano to buy? I am also looking for the piano to be full size and feel like a real piano whilst playing 'hammer action'

Thanks Very Much Everyone..

1 day ago - 3 days left to answer.

P.S: I currently have the Casio CTK-2100.. And i was expecting the sound on that to be much more realistic but it turned out to be nothing like I hoped and I dont want to make the same mistake with this one... thanks guys :)

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  • 9 years ago
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    Your CTK-2100 is not touch sensitive, so it will never sound like a piano no matter how good the samples are.

    The CDP-100 is alright, not as nice as the Privia pianos (that use the same keyboard and basic shape, but offer better samples and greater polyphony.

    ... So yeah, it will be better, but you're going to spend yourself silly buying instruments in incremental steps.

  • 4 years ago

    It depends on the Digital/electric piano they vary quite a bit the low end ones, have a completely plastic feel, no piano feel at all, poor to average sound quality. For about $800-1500, you can get pretty decent digital pianos, that have a decent fell to them, with weighted keys, so they have a more realistic feel to them, and a better sound. Some of the more expensive digitals do sound and feel good. How good they sound will also vary on how good a sound system you run them through, The built in speakers are seldom any good. None of them, will sound as good as or feel just the same as the real thing however, Especially a good grand piano I'm sure someone here can explain it better Sadly, I had to sell my 1915 Chickering Grand, which sounded and played fantastic, (space) I now use an Ensoniq ZR-76, that I got about 10 years ago, through a Yamaha/Crown/JBL system

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    9 years ago

    Buy a used Yamaha P70. Feels like a piano, great sound. But you won't get a new one for your budget.

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