Good product/service to sell in a Student-Run business?

At my school, we're doing a program called "Junior Achievement", and what that is, is a student-run business.

Can you think of something good to sell/do to make money? It has to be appropriate for a group of 16-18 year olds, so nothing like back-breaking manual labour, MP3 player production, but more of things like organic soap, clocks, water bottles.

Unfortunately, we're not allowed to do clothing, meaning we can't make t-shirts/sweaters/sweat pants, etc.

Can you help me think of a good idea?

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  • Kate
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    9 years ago
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    Best thing to do IMO is provide a service. I don't think that anyone in your school has the means to make soap clocks or water bottles. I went to school with a guy who started his own lawn care company (mainly mowing a raking). you could do a car wash service where you go right to the persons house with your own supplies. house painting. deck staining. weed gardens.

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