What kind of diet should i have while on creatine?

I'm trying to get definition and lose the extra fat off my body. I'm 6'1 207lbs

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    NO FATTY (McD, fried food etc) whatsoever. Also you need to stick to your cardio and weight lifting routines.

    Just taking creatine and sitting on a couch being a fat slob will only make you fatter.

    The purpose of creatine is to help you go beyond your natural limit and gain results faster. It is not a miracle product.

    You can only lift 200 lbs? Creatine may help you lift 210lbs.

    Can only run 1 mile? Creatine will help you run 1.5 miles.

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    Creatine Diet Plan

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    I suggest alternatives to creatine to begin with. When you beign utilizing creatine supplements, you inhibit your body's ability to produce creatine naturally and soon you will become dependent on the product. Try using a pre workout like n.o. followed by a post-workout protein shake, 1 gram-2 grams of protein per pound in your body. Don't forget to hydrate (pickle juice is the ultimate for of rehydration). Otherwise, eat a large breakfast and include carbs early in the day to kick start your metabolism. Avoid carbs in the latter half of the day. Eggs are also a great part to ignite with. Substitute soymilk for milk to eliminate transfat, there's transfat even in skim. Soymilk contains more vitamins, minerals, and more protein. Not to mention, very vanilla silk tastes way better than traditional milk. Do your best to avoid most dairy products and any red meats. NO FAST FOOD. and no, subway is not good for you. Take an omega-3 supplement daily with meals, find an omega-3 containing DHA and EPA as opposed to ALA. Avoid anything you know is bad for you, things like chips, soda, deepfried foods, etc. Replace these with fruits, vegetables, and fish. Corn and potatoes are not vegetables. Nuts like almonds or even sunflower seeds make for a great snack. Don't necessarily cut your calories down but merely the type of calories. Consume healthy foods and you'll find yourself losing weight after a few weeks. Be patient and stick to the course, don't expect to lose a 50 lbs a day. Drinking ice water helps burn fat too. Keep your heart rate high when you're working out and you'll become more and more sculpted over time. Best of luck!

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    You'll look soft cuz creatine causes you to retain water....

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    Whey protein. If you use only one supplement, use whey. High-protein, low-carb is great. I lost 65 pounds on that kind of diet. :)

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