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i need a quest................?

I really dont know where i want to go or what i want to do in life, but i want to experience new things to give me an idea on what path to take. I enjoy writing, dancing, music, sports, working, cooking, taking pictures, traveling, stating my opinion, giving people advice, and having fun/trying new things! i need to accomplish something, i need a quest lol. any ideas?

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    your first quest

    Go to the citadel in Washington d.c.

    When you reach The Citadel, Owyn Lyons and his daughter will be preparing for an assault on the purifier. After informing them of the situation, Sarah's squad is mobilized and Scribe Rothchild, after some initial reluctance, will activate Liberty Prime.

    Prime is launched in a rather stereotypical way for super weapons as seen in movies and TV shows, in which the lead researcher (Scribe Rothchild, in this case) demands it not be used and declares "...it's not ready for field tests, let alone live fire situations - the weapons haven't been calibrated, the navigation detection system is offline..." Despite his warnings, Prime is launched and used without any malfunctions.

    To begin the advance on the Jefferson Memorial, you must speak with Sarah Lyons. Note that once the order to attack has been given the green light, all functions and services in the Citadel will cease. All non-player characters will spout encouraging phrases such as, "The purifier is as good as ours!" if spoken to. If the player has anything to do in the Citadel, he or she must complete their task before commencing the attack.

    Following the order to attack, Liberty Prime will be hoisted out of the Citadel on a crane and the Lyons' Pride will follow it, as should the player. Prime actually crashes his leg on the wall in the Bailey on the crane, however it does not heavily damage him. Once outside the Citadel, Prime will begin stomping his way to the fallen bridge, killing everything in its path. Liberty Prime will take down the photonic resonance barriers set up by the Enclave by walking into them.

    Once on the bridge, the Enclave will desperately throw everything it has at the Brotherhood's machine: soldiers, Vertibirds, and artillery. Their efforts are entirely for naught, and Liberty Prime will decimate everything thrown at it. It is scripted to miss a few of the troops in the confusion, however. Liberty Prime will destroy any incoming Vertibirds, so the player only needs to worry about ground troops. Targeting the ground troops can be a pain due to all the screen-shaking occurring (Mini-Nuke and artillery shell explosions) so V.A.T.S. is a good alternative to freehand aiming. The Lyons' Pride soldiers will also do a fair job of mopping them up. However, keeping all of them alive will be difficult. The artillery shells tend to arc in from both sides of the bridge, but are notoriously inaccurate. Exploding vehicles are very deadly, so the player should find cover either behind Liberty Prime, or behind previously exploded vehicles. The player may feel intimidated by the concussive blasts, but will rarely take damage from them.

    Liberty Prime cannot be stopped, and will inexorably clear a bloody path to the Memorial. The player and Lyons' Pride can come under attack from targets on a catwalk between buildings after clearing the bridge from the Citadel. It is possible to hustle to the near building, enter the door, run up several flights of stairs, and emerge beside the enemies on the catwalk, but this is a very impractical way of doing the job: a ranged weapon will work just fine. Melee and Unarmed characters can simply let the Lyons' Pride finish up these troops, but they take quite a while. Either way, Liberty Prime will continue carving his way though the resistance, past the irradiated Metro and onwards to a second bridge. At the end is where Liberty Prime stops, and holds his position along with the rest of the Lyons' Pride while Sarah Lyons and the player dash inside the Jefferson Memorial through the Gift Shop. Note that, if you hesitate, a significant force of Enclave soldiers will be deployed nearby, either from the bridge or the catwalks around the memorial. Liberty Prime will destroy them.

    There is light resistance inside the Gift Shop, usually three or four Enclave soldiers. The player as well as Lyons should be able to clear the room. Grenades work well in these quarters.

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    Well what you can do depends on how old you are, but here's a couple ideas off the top of my head:

    If you can afford it, take a class in any of the things you mentioned (cooking class, photogrophy class, writing class, etc....) Pick one that seems most interesting at the moment and try it. You don't have to commit to anything long-term, just try it out and see if it holds your interest or not.

    Join a sports team if you're into sports. If you don't know what sport you want to be serious about, just follow the same logic and try one out to see if you like it. If you don't, cross it off you're list and try something else.

    If you get serious about writing, there's a book I'd reccomend to you called "The Writer's Block" by Jason Rekulak. It's a good idea to write something every day, or as often as possible, and this book helps give you inspiration if you can't think of anything at the moment. As a writer myself, I use it all the time.

    Other than that, just keep trying things! I wish I could give you something more specific, but you really just need to keep trying different things until you find "your thing". If something seems interesting, find out how you can try it out and go for it! You may find that many things that seem interesting to you at first turn out not to be as fun as you thought, but if you keep trying new stuff, eventually you should come across something you really love, and it never hurts anything just to try.

    Hope that helps.

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