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what is the purpose of additional credit cards?

what is the propose of additional cards? $50 each, up to 3 available

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    There are probably many reasons why, but it is mainly for when their main credit card is stopped.

    Let's say a mom who lives with a teenager has 2 credit cards. It's almost Christmas and she is thinking of going Christmas shopping the next day. The night before, the teenage daughter takes one of her mom's credit card and enters the number into a scam site. The next day, the mom realizes her daughter put in the card number and calls the credit card company so that the card can be stopped. The card number will no longer be valid and a couple days - weeks later, the company will send the mom a new credit card with a new number. During that time, if she had only 1 credit card (to begin with), she wouldn't have been able to go Christmas shopping. But since she had 2 to start out with, she still has one valid credit card. So that's one way additional credit cards can be useful.

    Another way may be if the owner is going on a trip to a faraway place. There is someone who watches WHERE people buy things from with their credit card.

    SCENARIO A: The mom and the daughter live in New York. They are going to go to Australia for Christmas.

    The mom uses her credit card in Australia to buy food. She uses it but the person watching where people buy things with their credit card says "Wait a minute. She was just in New York the other day buying gifts and now she's in Australia. Maybe the one in Australia isn't the real owner." Then that person may stop the credit card. She can no longer use it for some time until it is made clear that she is the real owner of the credit card. While that's happening, she can use her other credit card that she uses only when she is in Australia.

    SCENARIO B: The daughter types in her mom's credit card number into a scam site.

    The people in charge of the scam site lives in Hawaii while the daughter and the mom lives in New York. The people makes a fake credit card with that credit card number and uses it to buy a lot of gingerbread cookies to eat. The person watching where the credit card is used sees this and says "Wait a minute. That card is used in both New York and Hawaii. How is this possible?" And he stops the credit card. The mom or the scam people can both no longer use it. After the mom checks with the credit card company she is the real owner, she can prove the Hawaii scam people are not the real owners of the credit card. However, they can't go to them and take their fake credit card away. So the mom can't use that credit card anymore and the credit card company makes a new one. While it is being made, she needs to use her additional card.

    Sorry that took so long to explain.

    Hope I helped :)

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