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First time miniature horse owner... Can anybody help?

I just bought a miniature horse yesterday and brought her home. She turns 2 in April. When I have her on the lead and walking her around my field, she becomes very aggressive. She kicks at me every time I try to calm her down. And she tries to run off. I''m not afraid to be around her, I stay very calm and I don't let her push me around, but I just want her to be nice to me. This is my first miniature horse (my first horse in all). She is very sweet when she is in her stall, but when she gets on that lead, she goes nuts! She is also very spooky. If someone makes a sudden move, she freaks out. Does anybody know how to stop this?

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    My husband got a call about two years ago from folks that had a herd of minis and rescued a little stud just like this. Even after they got him gelded, he refused to allow them into his stall, drug them all over on the lead, etc.

    You treat the mini exactly like you would a regular horse, you control his feet at every move. It was rather funny watching my husband get shoulders over and ribs yielding and hip disengagements at about 3 feet.

    But that is exactly what needs to be done. It took him about 75 minutes of lead work to have the little guy respectfully follow and yield on lead and stand patiently in the stall.

    Even those people had a nice herd of minis, they had no idea how to work with a problem like this. You must find a skilled horseman who understands these premises and what it means to control the feet to control the mind or this little mare will never come around. The kicking, spooking, etc., all is a similar fix.

    But unless you know what I am talking about, you are not skilled enough to do it. So save your pennies and ask around for someone who can fix her AND teach you how to follow through.

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    I agree I am tired of the know it alls on here even though they claim to be the opposite. I stopped coming to these about two years ago because of it and it's worse then ever.


    I agree with others we have a few mini's at the barn I show with they are a ton of fun but WOW can they be naughty. I'd just work on it everyday like you would a larger horse. Lots of correction when she goes to do something naughty say no back her up or walk her in a small circle and start over again.

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    boy can some people be rude on here!! i dont like it..

    personally hun, im not a fan of miniature horses because almost ALL ive met have had an anger problem or an agressive streak. just work on bonding, wait till she gets settled in, get with a reliable trainer and start from there :)

    wish you luck!! :)

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    Minis are stable for a conventional-time horse proprietor. you do no longer could desire to rigidity related to the driving element as plenty, yet you do could desire to exercising them. they are going to benefit various weight in case you do no longer exercising them. locate out how tocontinual andcontinual your mini, or longe them. (My buddy even hand jumps hers!) Minis do have a huge physique of innovations, although! you will could desire to artwork with it daily with an enterprise hand, or you will get some physique of innovations! Now, this would not choose for ALL minis, via fact there are exceptions to each rule, yet the two the minis i comprehend have some physique of innovations, yet as long as you're business enterprise with them, they are quite very candy. you will could desire to locate all of the suited positioned on on your mini - fly mask, blankets, boots, halters, and so on. those could nicely be greater intense priced than a time-honored horse-sized merchandise via fact they could desire to be in specific measured, and that they do no longer seem to be as industrially produced as time-honored horse products. Now, this could be a splash strange, yet they do have smaller manure besides, meaning you will possibly opt to get a pitchfork that has prongs plenty closer collectively - it's going to make your existence plenty much less complicated! do no longer overlook to make sure a stable vet and farrier (and dentist, in the adventure that your vet would not report the teeth) on your mini! you additionally can do extra analyzing on the miniature breed in case you have greater questions! stable luck alongside with your mini!

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    She obviously needs some further training. And obviously if you bought a yearling you SHOULD know how to train a horse, and have experience with it. There should be no need for you to ask this.

    • jeepgrrl3 years agoReport

      No need to be on your "high horse" towards the poster. I'm absolutly certain you weren't born an expert and once was a first timer yourself. Your opinions would be more regarded if you were to be polite and helpul.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    It could just be that she's still setteling in. However i would ask your vet or a trainer........

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