A question regarding the history of Palestine?

Was there ever a nation/country/state named Palestine and a people known as Palestinians?

Did the Jews (now known as Israelis) steal the land from the Palestinians? Is Israel really occupied-Palestine? Are the Palestinians being treated like second-class citizens in their own country?

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    There was no country that would equate to Palestine in History. The region might have some historical bases, but the Palestinians as we know of never had their own country. Most muslims consider themselves Arabs. The palestinians consider themselves part of that community. In truth they might have been Jews that were forced to convert to Islam.

    As for the land being stolen, A part of Israeli Jews have been living there forever. What happen was England plan to split the land between the Jews and Palestinians, but no one can agree how to divide the land, so England left it as a free for all. The Jews one and created tehir own country, while the Palestinians got swallowed up by other countries. Jews from other countries began migrating their. Arabs not liking a non muslim country in the middle of the Muslim world wanted the Israelis out and sent out false propaganda stating all of the Jews were immigrant since a large part were Askhenazi Jews from Europe.

    As for the land being stolen, there are several rules about ownership. Israel Proper fits all of them.

    They were the original inhabitant. The previous Owner , England gave it to them. They control it now. And they are the present occupants. As for the West banks and Gaza strip, Israel has rights to the land . They fit half the rules of ownership. The palestinians also have rights as well.

    Land ownership is hard to determine. Most people historically stole the land from some other group.

    Turks are originally from Mongolia. Arabs were only restricted to a small part of the Arab peninsula. The English came from the mainland,every incarnation. Spain was originally owned by the basque. Russians came from scandanavia. Of course look at the Americas and Australia. Also Japan use to be inhabited by Caucasians.

    The list goes on forever.

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    In a sense there was. Palestine was the Roman province holding what is today Israel / Gaza / West Bank. But to not recognize Palestinians as people is pretty ignorant. Palestine is simply the english translation of Philistine. Even in the Bible it clearly states the 'Philistines' (remember David and Goliath?). In Arabic it is still pronounced Philistine. Palestinians are the ancient Philistines which originally were part of the ancient Phoenician culture. Who stole land from ho is a rather useless endeavor. To say we Americans did not steal land from the indians is to recognise history. In one sense history is simply the story of which group screwed what other group and to try and lay claims today based on ownership several thousand years ago is a bit crazy. At what point do you stop going further back in time? Historical fact, Israel did not exist as a modern nation state with the breakup of the last 'state' (the Ottoman Empire) that ruled that land. Out of the Ottoman Empire was created the Palestine Mandate which the UN later split in an attempt to appease two people... and those two people now recognise each other as another 'people' or nationality.

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    Palestine was the name given to the land of Israel when it was in British hands.

    Jews didn't steal Israel. it was made into a Country by the UN. because of the Jewish majority there is jewish prime minister and it is the Jewish State.

    Israel isn't occupied Palestine. Israel is Occupying anything.

    Firstly Palestinians don't have a country. Israeli Arabs are treated in exactly the same way:

    1) all road sign are in English, Hebrew and Arabic.

    2) Arabs can vote

    3)Arabs have rights. ie: the freedom to practice their religion

    4) arabs can hold positions as judges or be Members of the Knesset

    Source(s): I have been to israel many times...
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    Yes after WW1 the middle east was broken up into different states by the British. This was after them telling the people who supported them during the war that they would get independence after the war. So Palestine became a British protectorate. Then after WW11 the jews were allowed to emigrate to Palestine and in the early 1950's the state was divided by the UN with areas for both Palestinians and Jews however; the Palestinians went to war with the Jews with help from other Arab states but they loot the war. So in a historical sense they won by winning the war which is a time honored means of acquiring territory.

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    9 years ago

    Was there ever a nation/country/state named Palestine and a people known as Palestinians?

    In a sense. Palestine was a part of the Ottoman Empire. After World War 1, the Ottoman Empire was broken up. Palestine then became the "British Mandate of Palestine." In other words, Palestine was still not an independent nation. World War 2 ends. The United Nations turns over the British Mandate of Palestine to surviving european jewry.

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    9 years ago

    There has never been a state of palestine. There were no "Palestinians" until the 1960s.

    And here's an interesting bit of trivia..

    The name "Palestine" comes from the english mispronunciation of the Roman word for an ancient Greek people.

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    Palestine, or 'Paletinia' was created by the Emperor Hadrian. He abolished the Jewish State of Judea and replaced it with the Roman District of Palestinia. Rome was exasperated with Jewish violence and uprisings, no matter how much money Rome poured into Judea they still had Jewish riots revolts. Hadrian had had enough and just dissolved the country and replaced it. Zionists to this day detest Hadrian, but anyway you look at his decision, it worked, it brought peace to the land.

  • Nope.

    In fact the area in question has had exactly two sorts of government in all of known time:

    > Colonial governments by foreign empires.

    > Autonomous government by Israel/Judea.

    Prior to the formation of modern israel, the term "Palestinian" was NEVER ONCE USED except in exactly the same sense as "European" or "Appalachian."

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    9 years ago

    Never was a country named Palestine.

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    9 years ago

    That area is actually Canaan and belongs rightfully to the Canaanites.

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