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doctor who: all doctors have something there known for 10pts :)?

all of the doctors are known for some thing, im asking about appearance. like the 4th doctor and his scarf and the 11th and his bow tie. can you name at least one for each doctor ten points :)

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  • Seán
    Lv 6
    9 years ago
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    William Hartnell: I would probably say his hair, it always reminds me of a 17th century wig

    Patrick Troughton: His scruffy look, all the others were neat characters.

    Jon Pertwee: The Velvet Smoking Jacket

    Tom Baker: The Scarf

    Peter Davidson: The Cricket jumper

    Colin Baker: The tartan coat

    Sylvester McCoy: the question mark tank top

    Paul McGann: the cravat and long coat

    Christopher Eccelston: Short hair and leather jacket

    David Tennent: suit with running shoes

    Matt Smith: The bow

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