Where can I find a NEW Amulet of Mara?

Im trying to re-marry, just going to see if it works. And i need a new Amulet, can anyone tell me of a location i can find or buy one?

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    You cannot re-marry yet, but I am sure there will be a mod out in no time to fix that glitch. In what world do people stay married to their first spouse anyway? Sheesh.

    Anyway, here is a complete list of locations where you can find these amulets:

    In an end table once Breezehome is fully upgraded

    In the Bee and Barb, an inn the town of Riften and in Riften's Temple Of Mara

    The amulet is a random spawn as dungeon loot

    On the Stormcloaks General during the defense of Whiterun

    (ConfIrmed) In a tent along the coast northeast of Dawnstar, From the entrance of the dawnstar Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary go right and follow the beachline until you see a battered tent, the amulet will be inside on the left bedroll (side nearest the back).

    Kraldar house in Winterhold in an expert locked chest

    In an unlocked chest inside the underground portion of Silent Moons Camp

    In a chest inside Mzinchaleft Depths, in a hidden room underwater in the lower right hand portion of the first area, to the right of the entrance to the zone. Chest is the small one on the nightstand on the left side of the bed

    On the Emperor's ship, the Katariah

    The Dragonborn's house in Solitude, after purchasing the upgrades

    On the boat at Orphan's Tear, in a chest behind the table

    In a chest inside the war quarters in Blackreach

    Next to the word wall on Eldersblood Peak

    In the chest located in the shack with Boethia's Champion at Knifepoint Mine (during the quest Boethia's Calling) inside the wooded structure inside labrynthian

    The chest in Reachwind Eyrie

    Temple of Mara talk to Maramal and then buy one for ~200 GoldIcon.png.

    In a chest in Nchuand-Zel (Control Room). Chest is in the middle/back of four Dwemer statues. In this room you can also get a full set of Dwarven Armor, behind an Expert-locked gate on the right, when facing the statue behind the chest.

    In one of the upstairs bedrooms during the "Diplomatic Immunity" quest when you're in the Thalmor Embassy.

    In the Ansilvund Burial Chambers, presumably randomly.

    Jarls living quarters within Dragonsreach.

    In Radiant Raiment within Solitude.

    I hope that helps!

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    Amulet Of Mara

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    You cannot remarry AT ALL, as of yet, on consoles.

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