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lucy hale or ashley benson?

both of these girls are from pretty little liars, and they are both pretty. but, it seems like lucy hale gets more attention than ashley benson-when i believe ashley is waay prettier. ashley doesn't look all that great on PLL but she was in a cheerleading movie and was gorgeous. whule lucy hale looks good on PLL but weird in her movie-once upon a song. who do you like more?

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    Lucy Hale. I do think Ashley Benson is prettier but I think Lucy has more personality. I could see myself actually being friends with her.

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    I say Lucy Hale via a approaches. Ashley is fairly her face is friendly yet its thank you to straightforward and cookie cutter prevalent. In different words she is uninteresting to look at. yet Lucy has an exceptionally impressive face. Her good factors are attractive and formidable. you may desire to be a blonde. by way of fact your going via hair shade and making it a conflict of blondes and brunnettes by way of fact every physique can needless to say see how lucy hale has plenty greater presence actual smart than ashley benson.

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    Ashley does deserve more attention but i wouldn't really compare her to Lucy as they are both beautiful but so different

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    They both are sweet, but I personally like Lucy Hale. (:

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