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Biology question: has to do with DNA/RNA?

This is difficult to put into direct quizzical form, so I'll just write out what's on the paper...


mRNA is read by ____ at the ribosome, calls down the specific tRNA that matches the codon found on the ____ molecule.

tRNA carries the ____ which is the complementary match for the codon carried on the _____ molecule.

A _____ is a sequence of three nitrogen bases that codes for a specific amino acid (aa). There are ____ different aa that make up the proteins in our body.

Please answer any blanks, or all if you can! Thanks :)

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  • 9 years ago
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    1) *

    2) *

    3) anticodon

    4) *

    5) codon

    6) 26

    *I'm not sure because of the wording. However, I will describe to you the process:

    Ribosomes are bascially a complex structure of protein and RNA. A ribosome is made of a large top subumit that has 3 grooves in which tRNA can come into. Each transfer RNA has on its bottom an anticodon, which is the exact opposite of the codon that will be coding for the amino acid. Ex. Serine's codon is UCA, so its anticodon is AGU.

    The three grooves are called the E,P, and A sites. The ribosome slides along the mRNA to the right as tRNAs enter. The first tRNA enters into the P site, the next into the A site...the ribosome slides one codon to the right, allowing new tRNAs to enter the A site...

    I hope this helps! (You should do your own homework!! :D)

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    5 years ago

    each and every thing apart from e is technically maximum suitable. RNA is transcribed with the help of the ribosome, no longer produced with the help of. D would be diverse reckoning on the area; like to illustrate, RNA, no longer DNA, is used in the HIV virus because of the fact RNA is incredibly greater stable and simpler in a retrovirus. B is in many cases genuine, yet to the better of my know-how, double stranded RNA does exist.

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