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What do you think of these names?

Names of friends. ;) We got bored, none of us are too easily offended or anything. Lighthearted fun.

Okay, so..

Katherine Carter

Leann (Lee) Audrey

Dakota Jade

Owen Alastor (male)

Tom Adam (male)


nah, just tom. :)

Update 2:

oh! and now laura analise , too x

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    K.C---> ew, sorry.

    L.A. (lol) ---> like Audrey, not Leann.

    D.J. (haha)---> LOVE, sososo pretty (:

    O.A. ---> yuck, sorrry

    T.A. ----> if first name's Thomas, then I like that not Adam, if it's just Tom, neither.

    -Lottie (:

  • 9 years ago

    sure but Dakota?.......

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