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3 line poetry help with Seamus Heaney?

The English, you said,

Would do it on Sundays

Upstairs, in the daytime.

my thoughts: Daytime can be it because English are realist and humans overall are fearful of not the darkness but of the unknown within in the darkness

But why would they do it on Sundays? i could see fear of god but why on Sundays?

Sundays are church days and god devoted days so why do it?

please help

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    The speaker of the poem is quoting a recently-deceased acquaintance named Mick Joyce, who, from his name, is obviously Irish. Mick was saying that the English were so sex-obsessed that they would have sex at all sorts of times and places; usually you think of nighttime as the typical time when people have sex, but he says the English would do it in the daytime; and he adds in other details of unusual times and places for sex.

    I don't there's anything here about "fear of darkness or unknown." These lines are just a portrait of an Irish guy stereotyping the English.

    I guess I'd call this a hyperbole. Mick is exaggerating how sex-obsessed he thinks the English are. It's like saying "They're so horny, they'd do it in the road, in front of the queen, with the TV cameras rolling," etc.

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