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What is the best way to test a gas to see how much carbon dioxide is present?

what is the best lab procedure to test a gas to see how much carbon dioxide is present eg, unleaded gas

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    The best way to test for CO2 is to analyze it on a Gas Chromatograph (GC) using a thermal conductivity detector (TCD).

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    Well first off, to see if there is actually carbon dioxide present, you can use phenol red. If you heat the solution, the vapors will... evaporate into a tube. Put a tube into a solution of phenol red. If there is carbon dioxide, the phenol red will turn yellow. You could also use lime water, but that is a bit more tricky, and can also be dangerous if not handled with care

    To see how MUCH CO2 is present:

    One method is a gas train of flasks. One flask contains an aqueous solution of sodium hydroxide of a known concentration. Air is bubbled through the sodium hydroxide for a given amount of time. The concentration of the sodium hydroxide is determined by tritration. The data is inserted into a formula and the result is the amount of carbon dioxide present in the air. I don't have the reference books available to be more specific.

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