10 facts about Mary 1st?

Can be less than 10 but 10 would be great x

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    Mary I , also known as Mary Tudor ( 1516 - 58 ) Queen of England ( 1553 - 58 ) . She was the daughter of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon , she came to the throne upon the death of her half brother , Edward VI . She married Phillip II of Spain ( 1554 ) and restored papal supremacy in England . She persecuted Protestants and burned many of them , including the Bishops Cranmer , Latimer , and Ridley , earning her the nickname ` Bloody Mary ` . She suffered a false pregnancy , which turned out to be a malignant growth . Upon her death her half sister Elizabeth succeeded to the throne.

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    Which Mary I are you speaking of? There are several people who have been styled as Mary I over the years.

    Also I'm not sure if you can find 10 Historical Facts about the person you wish to inquire about or any Historical or even Current Figure. What you will find is a Historical or Modern Account of them if they are well known enough today. An account & a fact are not always the same thing. And sometimes views of Historical Figures change over time.

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    Fact #1: You can easily look her up in a real encyclopedia (one written by experts, not Wiki-wacky) and find far more than ten facts about her; moreover, the facts will be in context, not just unconnected snippets of information.

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    9 years ago

    You are ot clear in your question do you mean queen in Great Britain

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