How much does H&R Block charge to prepare taxes?

Is there any place online I can do them for free? (This is the first time I'm doing this.)

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  • Pat
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    8 years ago
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    DO NOT go to Block.

    They are horrible.

    I was a IRS-trained tax preparer for 8 years and you wouldn't believe how many of their screwups I had to fix.

    Their "rapid refunds" are a scam.

    The Internal Revenue Service manages and regulates income tax collection in the US.

    So WHY would you not look at the IRS site?



    Go here.

    Look at the form 1040 and its instructions.

    You can file for free right through the IRS site.

    Or you can get free tax prep in your own neighborhood,,id=10762...

    Whatever you do, you MUST learn to understand this stuff.

    If someone else does it for you, pay attention and ask questions,

    Do not sign the form until you understand every line.

    It's your money.

    It's your life.

    It's your responsibility.

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