Who is currently the best Mexican RB?

Beside Juárez porque he's a midfielder

I say

1.Israel Jimenez

2.Gutty Estrada

3.Ricardo Osorio

BQ: Who would you rather have starting Rafa Márquez or Maza and why?

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  • D07
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    8 years ago
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    Juarez if he regains his level he could outbeat these three. Juarez is not going to play midfielder. Mexico has too many players in that position and Chepo would rather use him as a rightback.

    Isreal Jimenez he seems pretty descent he defended well aganist cruz azul and in the final aganist Santos. He needs to work on going up and attacking thats all he needs i dont really see him much when crossing a ball. He defends well but he needs to work on going up than he will be a perfect right back.

    Gutty Estrada he is a perfect right back more complete the others in the list you mention just his problem is his height but he impresses me still he defends well aganist taller wingers and forwards.

    Ricardo Osorio he is old already its time to give a younger player the right back position. He is still a good right back but i would give a younger right back the chance to play.

    out of the three i say Estrada should get a chance than Jimenez and see who is better. Cherokee is not good to me look how Marcelo made him look bad in his goal.

    BQ: Maza he is taller and quicker. Marquez i like him more of a midfielder.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago


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  • ?
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    8 years ago

    i havent seen jimenez play that much so i cant say who is the best

    'bq Maza his physique is better

    @cazador i agree el cherokee is wayyyyyyy better then guti NOT

    @Cazador belive it or not i dont think he is that great either lol its just that he has a never give up spirit and always gives his 100 every game

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  • 8 years ago

    lol cherokee sucks. he was only good with puebla.

    I would rather start Maza. Rafa is too short to be an efficient center back, and Maza is faster.

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  • 8 years ago

    take out Estrada and put in Cherokee and i agree

    bq- thats a tough one, err Maza but i wouldnt be too upset if Rafa started over him. Rafa is still quality and we seem to play better when hes there

    holy crap i kinda contradicted myself there...meh

    your right saints cherokee isnt that good, i guess it just annoys me a bit that he was blamed for the loss v brasil when it wasnt really his fault. either way i think estrada is overrated and i very much doubt hes the answer for the NT even as a backup

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