OK, since they asked, here's the list of FORTY TWO Democrats who switched to Republicans in the 1960's and...?


This was when the "Southern Strategy" was being implemented, to take advantage of Southern outrage over civil rights being implemented by Democrats Kennedy and Johnson.


early 1960s – Arthur Ravenel, Jr. of South Carolina, before running for the South Carolina Senate

1960s – James F. Byrnes of South Carolina, after endorsing many Republicans in the 1950s and 1960s

1961 – Charlton Lyons to run for Louisiana's 4th congressional district seat

1961 - Billy J. Guin of Shreveport, to support Charlton Lyons for Congress

1962 - Dave Treen, later became U.S. Representative for Louisiana (1973-1980) and Governor of Louisiana (1980-1984)

1962 – Jack M. Cox, to run for Governor of Texas; losing to later Republican convert John B. Connally, Jr.

1962 – James D. Martin, to run for the U.S. Senate from Alabama

1962 – Ronald Reagan of California, while an actor and former Screen Actors Guild president [43]

1962 – Floyd Spence, while a South Carolina state Representative; ran for the House of Representatives as a Republican and lost, later elected to the state senate before making a successful run for the House

1964 – Strom Thurmond, while U.S. senator from South Carolina switched to the Republican party on September 16, 1964.[2]

1965 – Albert Watson, while U.S. Representative from South Carolina (resigned before switching parties and re-won his seat in a special election)

1965 – Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania, while running for Philadelphia District Attorney; in 2009, he switched back to Democrat [44].

1965 – Roderick Miller (LA) after unsuccessfully run for judgeship in 1964

1966 – Thomas A. Wofford, before write-in campaign for State Senator from South Carolina

1966 – Len E. Blaylock, to support Winthrop Rockefeller for Governor of Arkansas

1966 – Jerry Thomasson of Arkansas, switched from Democrat to Republican while an state Representative to run for Attorney General of Arkansas

1966 – Henry Grover of Texas, switched from Democrat to Republican while a state Representative before successfully running for Texas Senate.

1967 – William E. Dannemeyer, while serving as a superior court judge before returning to the California State Assembly

1967 – Allison Kolb of Louisiana, while seeking a political comeback running unsuccessfully for state Treasurer, lost 1956 Democratic primary for state auditor

1968 – William Reynolds Archer, Jr., while a member of the Texas House of Representatives

1968 – Will Wilson, former Texas Attorney General switched to support Richard M. Nixon in the 1968 presidential election

1968 - Comptroller General of Georgia James L. Bentley switched to Republican.


1970 – Jesse Helms, two years before running for the U.S. Senate from North Carolina

1970 – A. C. Clemons, while serving in the Louisiana Senate

1970 – William Oswald Mills, before running for U.S. Representative from Maryland

1970 - Bob Barr, who later became U.S. Representative from Georgia (1995-2003).

1971 – Tillie K. Fowler

1972 – Robert R. Neall, before serving in the Maryland House of Delegates. He switched back to Democrat in 1999

1972 – Trent Lott, prior to running for the House of Representatives from Mississippi. He was administrative assistant to Rules Committee chairman William Colmer, who endorsed Lott as his successor despite Lott's party switch.

1973 – Mills E. Godwin Jr., Democratic governor of Virginia from 1966 to 1970, moved to the Republican Party and was reelected, serving as governor again from 1974 to 1978.

1973 – Samuel I. Hayakawa, three years before running for the U.S. Senate from California

1973 – John Connally, not then in office; six years before he sought the Republican presidential nomination

1975 – Elizabeth Dole, while employed by the Federal Trade Commission

1975 – John Jarman, while U.S. Representative from Oklahoma. He had served for 24 years in the House and said he was fed up with the Democratic party, which had been "taken over by liberals". He retired in 1976.

1977 – A. J. McNamara, while serving in the Louisiana House

1977 – Lane Carson while serving in the Louisiana House

1978 – Robert G. Jones, after leaving the Louisiana Senate

1978 – Chris Smith, managed the unsuccessful 1976 New Jersey Senate primary campaign of Democrat, Steve Foley, switch parties to run for U.S. Rep. in 1978 (lost)/ran again 1980 (Won) still holds office [45].

late 1970s – Thomas Bliley, after being Mayor of Richmond, Virginia, and before election to U.S. House of Representatives

late 1970s – Michael F. "Mike" Thompson, while serving in the Louisiana House

1979 – Charles Grisbaum, Jr., member of the Louisiana House from Jefferson Parish

1979 – Ed Scogin, member of the Louisiana House from St. Tammany Parish


Reagan switched, 1962. I think Perry was later. There were a lot in the Reagan years too.

Update 2:

Pat, Jezuz Christ! You're not serious! Trent Lott is the ARCHITECHT OF EVERY SINGLE STUPID thing that was done by Republicans the last 20 years!

From NAFTA/CAFTA to Glass Steagal repeals, which he proposed again and again!!!!

Update 3:

At the same time, a very small number of Republicans became Democrats, so you can't just say "it happens all the time!"

It happened in HUGE numbers at this time, and for a very specific reason!


mid 1960s – Pete Stark, now U.S. Representative from California

1960s – Howard Dean, while in college

1960s – Archibald Carey, Jr, after serving as a Chicago alderman and before being elected as a circuit court judge in Cook County, Illinois

1962 – Calhoun Allen, to run for the Shreveport, Louisiana, City Council

1970s – Ralph Neas

1971 – John Lindsay, while mayor of New York City [35]

1971 – Leon Panetta, switched parties while not in or running for public office. He later became a U.S. representative from California (1976–93) and White House Chief of Staff (1994–1997).

1972 – Ogden R. Reid, while U.S. representative from New York

1973 – Joan Finney, before being elected Kansas State Treasurer, and later Governor of Kansas

1973 – Don Riegle, while

Update 4:

Facts are kryptonite to Republicans - it never changes.

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  • crunch
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    9 years ago
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    According to Lyndon Johnson, the passage of civil rights legislation would cause Democrats to lose the South in Presidential elections for generations.

    But the facts don't bear out that assertion as just a few years later all the South, save Virginia, was won by a Democrat.


    In the election held closest to the passage of the legislation (1968), racist southerners had their own candidate to vote for. He was a Democrat running as an independent:


    Nixon did not use "race" to gain Southern support but regional concerns over foreign policy and domestic policy unrelated to "race".

    Any attempt by the Democratic Party to assign defections solely to "race" is an admission democrats were the party of institutionalized racism for generations.

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  • 9 years ago

    I really don't see your point. The racist wing of the democratic party became the Dixiecrat Party. And well it was their children who voted Republican.

    The Dixiecrat Myth


    Regardless, this was the 1960's. Name one current Republican that endorses a KKK platform.

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  • 9 years ago

    The Johnson years were effectively 5, from '64 through '68. Most on that list is outside the parameters of LBJ's years, and even more are outside LBJ's civil rights agenda range. It is possible that some just woke up and smelled the roses that the Republicans had a far better sense on life and civil rights then the democrats, since they were the slave owners and we Republicans freed them from the democrat bondage.


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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I didn't see Ricky Perry or Ronald Reagan on the list.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    But how many of them were KNOWN RACIST BIGOTS like the Dixiecrats?


    Urban Legends: The Dixiecrats and The GOP

    Published October 22, 2011

    "of the 26 known Dixiecrats (5 governors and 21 senators) only three ever became republicans: Strom Thurmond, Jesse Helms and Mills E. Godwind, Jr. "

    How many pre-1964 southern racist Democrat bigots did NOT join the Republican party after 1964?

    Orval Fabus

    Benjamin Travis Laney

    John Stennis

    James Eastland

    Allen Ellender

    Russell Long

    John Sparkman

    John McClellan

    Richard Russell

    Herman Talmadge

    George Wallace

    Lester Maddox

    John Rarick

    Robert Byrd

    Al Gore, Sr.

    Bull Connor

    Source(s): FAIL
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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    That is because Kennedy started showing concern for Civil rights

    And that in part is why the Republican party is Now the racist party .

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  • loree
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    4 years ago

    I also want to ask the same question

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  • trent lott and storm were good men. christians. with proper i.d.

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