Modeling? :) 10 Points best answer!! ~ <3?

Hello, My name is May. I go by May Nitro. It's my scene site modeling name. I do modeling for little things, I do a lot of online stuff though, I just want to be a big model. (Not fat xD Lol) I have a good BMI, I'm Short (4"9) I'm 14:) Youngyy ~ <3 Ehe.

I'm fit, very toned, and thin. :3 I'm very healthy. I talk to my parents about Modeling all the time, and They say, I've got what it takes. I have HUGE eyes, that change colour, Blue - Green - Grey. Mostly Blue though, and I have Natural blonde hair, but I dye it brown or a crazy color, like green - red - blue - pink. Its very healthy hair though, Shiny, Soft. ALL my friends say I need to get out there, because SOOO Many people stop me while, I'm out with my friends shopping or anything, and ask me if I model, I guess they've seen my photo's online. I don't know. but I've wanted to model since I was young. I'll get taller!! I swear. x3

I do Ballet (Well, I'm starting again soon), I'm also gonna start Gymnastics again, I did Martial arts, and I'm healthy, Clear skin, White pretty teeth, long, dark, REAL lashes. (I don't do fake.)

I'm caucasian and Unique!! :) I have a face for T.V, I audition for movies, and get some (We'll get back with you real soon's) People say I'm real good.

Anyone know any modeling/Acting agencies. OTHER then One Source? I didn't like them too much.


Seriously? For a 14 year old, I'm real intelligent. I type just fine, Thank you very much.

Don't go around telling other people to get over themselves, because I'm not "self centered". Okay?


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    8 years ago
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    You have to make a decision. You either want to be a site model or you want to be a genuine model.

    Because being the former doesn`t make you the latter. Site modelling is where anyone can upload pictures of themselves onto the internet & call themselves a model. They are not models. They are people who upload pictures of themselves onto sites on the internet. The genuine modelling industry will have nothing to do with site models or their 'sites' and regard such with scorn. Don't expect to gain entry to the genuine industry through it. No agency will scout a site modelling site.

    If you decide to try for the genuine industry you`ll have to forget the bright hair colours. If you are offered an agency interview they will want to see your natural hair colour.

    Under 18s need written parental permission to model & adult chaperones to all shoots, interviews & casting calls. Parents must ensure work is within government guidelines with regard to hours, pay etc. If applicable a youth work permit will be needed.

    The law states that only parents can make model agency applications on behalf of anyone under the age of 18. Applications are made either by attending open calls, direct by email to agency offices, or by use of the online application forms found on the agencies` websites. Make sure the agency is appropriate to your age - some are adults only. Any agency that asks for an upfront payment is a scam. Find agencies by doing an internet search for 'Model Agencies ***** (ie the area you want to search) then do your authenticity checks as described below. When applying the agencies require head & shoulder shots & full length body images, both front facing & side shots. Wear a fitted plain T shirt & fitted jeans. For the girls, no make-up & hair off the face.

    Portfolios should include images in the model`s chosen genres. Both professional un-edited & clear amateur shots are acceptable. Use images from several photographers. You will need permission from the photographer to include his/her images in your portfolio as they own the copyright. For further portfolio information use this link…

    Use international model networking sites (Model Mayhem / Purestorm / OneModelPlace) to locate photographers in your area. Each of these websites has a search facility for this purpose. Most photographers will have links to their own websites from their profiles.

    Some photographers will work TFP (Time for Prints)/TFCD (Time for Compact Disc) i.e the model & photographer give their time to a shoot, no money exchanges hands, but both get either prints or images on CD to use in their portfolios. Most photographers will charge for their work. Ensure that the price they quote is all inclusive. Do not use portfolio studios as often the price does not include the images, only the studio time & the photographer. Portfolio studios often ignore the 7 day cooling off period & will give the hard sell to entice their customers to pay extortionate prices for poor quality images.

    Beware, 3 out of 4 agencies will be a scam. The quickest, but not exclusive, way to check is to google the name of the agency followed by the word 'scam' 'review' and/or 'fraud' & to read the results. Be aware that where there are negative reviews, it is not uncommon for the scam agencies to write bogus positive reviews. The link here will take you to further information on how to avoid the scams :…

    Genuine agencies receive thousands of applications direct to their offices. They have no need to scout or advertise anywhere on the internet INCLUDING Facebook, FaceParty, Gumtree, Google Ads, YahooAds. To make this clear, when making an internet search on any thing relating to modelling ALL the modelling adverts on the right of the screen, and in the pink or blue boxes at the top of the results list are ALL scams.

    Avoid modelling schools, their remit is to make themselves money not to make models. They accept anybody willing to pay the high fees they charge but can give no guarantee of your being accepted by an agency. Many will not bother to pass details to the agencies. You are making them money - why should they pass you on to make money for someone else? You are better off applying direct to the agencies & if you are accepted they will give you training for free and you know you are not wasting your time or money.

    There are no guarantees. Modelling has a 98% rejection rate and those that do get signed to an agency are not guaranteed work

    Source(s): UK Model Scout
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    6 years ago

    Ok, so here the thing! I would defiantly recommend modeling!!! I'm not sure were you live, but I live in Washington and the is a modeling (singing acting and dancing) agency called Seattle Talent! They also have it in other states (just different names!) so I would defiantly look into that!!! GREAT PROGRAM ( I was in for acting) HOWEVER it's very expensive! The minimum is $2,000 there are scholarships though! Check with your local agency!

    P.S. I know some people may think it's a scam but it's not I promise! (Remember the Indian kid from Disney channels Jessie? That's were he came from! And I knew him xD) so I know for a fact it's real!

    Source(s): Personal experience
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    Wow. You said "I'm real intelligent." If you had any intellect at all, you would know that the grammar should be "I'm really intelligent." Again, it's "really good" not "real good." You have awful grammar. Besides, even if you say that you are all that, we can't say that you are unless you post a picture.

    Also, because you dye your hair that often, it's obviously extremely unhealthy. Dying hair destroys it.

    And, get over yourself.

    Answer mine?

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    8 years ago

    You sound like you could really be a model! :)

    only one problem though, you need to grow about a foot before any agency tries to scout you out or even consider you, i'm sure if you keep exercising and staying fit you ought to get taller! Good luck!

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    Habbo is a good option. How about she look some up on google or Bing because she will find a lot.

  • 8 years ago

    I couldn't read past the first three sentences without getting a headache. Learn to write like an adult and get over yourself.

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    8 years ago

    you should probably post a picture up or no ones going to hire you.

  • 8 years ago


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