♂ WDYT of my top boy names (#21-30)?

I am not pregnant, I just love names.

21. Scott Christopher "Scott"

22. Sean Alexander "Sean"

23. Daniel Jacob "Danny"

24. Matthew James "Matt"

25. Joseph Evan "Joey"

26. Charles Dominic "Charlie"

27. David Benjamin "David"

28. Gregory James "Greg"

29. Nathaniel Scott "Nathan"

30. Dominic James "Dominic"

The most detailed answer will get ten points!

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    8 years ago
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    21. Scott Christopher - Scott is a very nice,charming name I've always really liked it since I was a child. It just has a sublte sophistication to it, and its fresh rather than dated. Christopher is a classic, granted not a classic I personlly like BUT regardless its still a very handsome name. And the combo together makes for an charming,well rounded handsome name.

    22.Sean Alexander - LOVE the name Alexander, its strong,indipendent,corageous and very handsome. Although I despise the NN Alex, I much prefer Xander as it has more personailty to it whereas Alex is dull and boring. Sean is a wonderful first name, and its compimented perfectly by Alexander. All in all its a fantastic combination of to classic,handsome names.

    23.Daniel Jacob - LOVE these names. Just not together. Daniel is a strong,corageous name and has so much history and story behind it. Granted Jacob has a lot history as well, b ut Daniel has history in bravory and independence which I adore most about it. Jacob is a great name, but I just don't feel as though they suit eachother.

    24.Matthew James - honestly, I've never been a fan of either. They quite boring IMPO and neither have really any interesting history, granted they are solid classics, but I feel they just get by on being classics and nothing more. Don't het me wrong they're nice names. Just aren't anything special IMPO.

    25.Joseph Evan - LOVE the name Evan its fresh,quriky and very intruiging. Joseph is a strong classic with great history and story and its complimented nicel by Evan. I have a similar combo on mylist -Joshua Evan-. Which may have some impact on why I like Joseph Evan so much :).

    26.Charles Dominic - interesting....its so much different than the others listed previously, but I actually quite like it. Charles is a very regal,posh name (posh isn't a bad thing OK lol) and Dominic is sly and intuitive. Together they make for a very sophisticated,handsome duo. Just don't use "charlie" as a NN, as that just ruins it IMPO.

    27.David Benjamin - two wonderful names. But they don't work together IMO. Benjamin David has more rythm and fluidity IMO and its just easier to say, for me anyways. Love both names, just not in that particular order.

    28.Gregory James - ADORE the name Gregory, its different,handsome and quirky, I have it combined with Wyatt on my list. James as I said earlier is a nice name but there just isn't anything special about it. I personlly find slightly dull.

    29. Nathaniel Scott - OK!!!!! I'm officially in LOVE! Nathaniel is one of THE most attractive boy names out there IMO. I just love the fluidity and elegance of it. Its strong,charming,handsome and just plain perfection. Scott does well as a NN for it because it finishes it with taking any attention away from Nathaniel. Love it.

    30.Dominic James - although this is my least favorite name on the list, its still wonderful. Strong,intelligent,classy and well rounded. Plus the NN Dom is very handsome. I personally would pair it with a different middle name like Dominic Ian or Dominic Kai. But that's just me.

    ----Well, I got a bit carried away(as usual) lol but I hope you enjoyed my opinion and input. You've got some wonderful names here and any child (present or future) will be blessed to have any one of them.

    Good luck.

  • 8 years ago

    Names I LOVE

    22. Sean Alexander - So sweet, cute and will age well. Think Alexander is a usual 'fill in middle name but goes well with it. (biased because my nephew has this name) 9/10

    24. Matthew James - I love the name Matthew, while he's little he can be Matty and when he's older he can be Matt or Matthew. Great name 10/10

    25. Joseph Evan - I love the names, but would switch them around. 7/10

    29. Nathaniel Scott - Cute name and it flows well. Great choice! 9/10

    30. Dominic James - I like this name and think Nick for a nickname is cute. 9/10

    Names I DONT like

    23. Daniel Jacob - I have had bad experiences with people with the name Daniel,so for that reason I can't stand the name. I do like Jacob, however! 5/10

    26. Charles Dominic - For me, Charles is too old-fashioned and "Charlie" looks feminine to me. 5/10

    28. Gregory James - It's OK, a little boring honestly. 2/10

    OK names

    21. Scott Christopher - I think both names are nice and will age well. 7/10

    27. David Benjamin - Same as above^

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    8 years ago

    21. Scott Christopher "Scott" - 8/10 It's not my style of name but both names sound great.

    22. Sean Alexander "Sean" - 10/10 I love the way this name sounds.

    23. Daniel Jacob "Danny" - 7/10 I've never been a fan of Daniel.. But its not the worst name.

    24. Matthew James "Matt" - 10/10 LOVE LOVE LOVE this name!

    25. Joseph Evan "Joey" - 10/10 LOVE this name soooo much :)

    26. Charles Dominic "Charlie" - 9/10 I LOVE the name Charlie..

    27. David Benjamin "David" - 7/10 I'd like Benjamin David better but still a good name.

    28. Gregory James "Greg" - 7/10 LOVE James.

    29. Nathaniel Scott "Nathan" - 10/10 LOVE this name! Nathan is adorable!

    30. Dominic James "Dominic" - 9/10 Cute name.. Flows really well

    I love that all your names seem have a lot of thought put into them.. All of them flow REALLY REALLY well.. A lot of people just mash 2 names together but yours sound amazing together :)

  • 8 years ago

    Scott Christopher "Scott"-6/10. I like Scott, but not Christopher. The name reminds me of a cute, blond-haired boy with blue eyes, energetic and athletic.

    Sean Alexander- 8//10. He's a sweet kid, with light brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. He's quieter, but intelligent; he's also athletic.

    Daniel Jacob- 8/10. He's complacent, hardly ever cries. He's a sweet boy, with a sunny attitude and a quick wit. He'll do well in school, and go on to make a difference.

    Matthew James- 2/10. I really don't like Matthew.

    Joseph Evan- 5/10. It's an okay name. He's a joker, and isn't easily upset; he gets along with almost everyone.

    Charles Dominic- 4/10. This name reminds me of a quiet boy, who won't stand up for himself.

    David Benjamin-7/10. He's a cute little guy, with a great attitude. People want to be around him, because he's so happy. He brightens everyone's life.

    Gregory James- 7/10. He has sandy blond hair, and light blue eyes. He loves his family, and is dedicated to his family.

    Nathaniel Scott- 9/10. This one is my favorite. He's a cute little guy, inquisitive and intelligent. He loves his family, and is gentle and kind. When he gets older, he'll be one of the most popular boys in school because of his great attitude.

    Dominic James- 7/10. He has dark brown hair and green eyes. He's quiet, but not because he's shy-because he's busy contemplating everything around him.

    I hope this helped!

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  • 8 years ago

    uhm I like sean alexander and daniel jacob , gregory james and dominic james are okay.

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