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Why do girls wear shoes with no socks?

We have this girl in school who usually wears these black converse. One day, she took them off in gym class to get weighed on the scale and she was barefoot. of course her feet smelled funny and she got scolded by the gym teacher, but it got me thinking how quite a few girls go sock less in their shoes.

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    Im not positive but I dont wear socks sometimes and it's simply cause the shoes are comftoble without socks but it's disgusting not wearing them in gym class as she can get athletes feet from sweaty feet. Hope this helps x Erin x

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    Probably because most girls do not like wearing socks. Also if it was those black Converse I am thinking of they are meant to be worn with no socks. Back in my school days, which was back in the 1980s, majority of the girls also wore their shoes with no socks. I remember one time in Gym Class, we had to get weighed (my Gym Class was small) and there was this girl not wearing any socks in her sneakers, and once she got onto the scale (barefoot of course) the teacher didn't scold her but she asked her "Where are your socks?" and she answered that she forgot to bring some.

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    Yeah, I'm a girl and I've noticed this too for the past year or so, once I was wearing flats with socks and this girls asked me as if I had done something wrong, why are you wearing socks?? but i normally wear them so the shoes don't start to smell

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    Girls don't like socks especially when you can see the socks.

    Some socks don't go with the shoes.

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    It depends on what shoes you are wearing. if you are wearing trainers then you would wear socks with those. but if you are wearing say, a pair of "balerina" shoes then you wouldnt wear socks with those as it would look weird.

    Just tell the girl to wash her feet! :-))

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    Because girls have disgusting, long, painted and sharpened toe nails that rip socks to shreds until they are like confetti in the bottom of their black converses.

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    Cos sometimes socks look weird with shoes...a bit too boyish :/

  • 8 years ago

    Without Socks they may looks Sexy.!

  • 8 years ago

    Haha ewww.

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