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What are the first symptons of Lung Cancer?

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    Well, symptoms vary greatly for individuals, however, breathing difficulties and a cough that will not go away are common. You may notice some blood in your sputum.

    Generalised aches and pains in your back, chest, shoulders are also reported symptoms.

    If you are concerned, go and visit your gp for a check up.

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    generally a cough that won't away, fatigue, shortness of breath, weight loss and coughing up some blood but symptoms vary, could be an infection, pneumonia etc. if you have a genuine concern that you might have lung cancer, go to gp asap, early detection is crucial

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    There are different symptoms of lung cancer but no one can say that this one is first, any symptom can be appeared first, some symptoms are chronic cough that lasts, blood with coughing, weight loss and loss of appetite.

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