Effects of the honey bee die off?

Your theories on what will happen if we lose most of our honey bees?

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    9 years ago
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    The die off of most or all of the honey bees would cause a loss of about a third of world's food supply.

    Plants that evolved in the Americas and were shared with the invading aliens that followed Columbus's "discovery" of the New World , were by and large, either self fertile or wind etc fertilized. They don't need bees.

    Potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, corn, beans, maple trees, most American Nut trees, to site a few can be successfully raised without bees. A lot of our other grass plants like wheat, rice etc are also wind fertilized. Those crops needed to feed cows etc would still be here.

    With the dwindling food supply, things would get increasingly expensive.

    A casual recollection of the war etc, shows that a decrease in resources, or the need for more, is the basis of most conflicts. American armed forces are not in those daily wars because we want to make people like us, its for the resources their area possess. Oil is the most obvious one today.

    With decreased food available, what better reason , excuse, to go to war?

    Rome was a super power for a thousand years with the help of controlling the food supply over an extended area. The Northern Barbarians were kept on the payroll as a ready source of soldiers because the Romans could supply critical food in the winter to keep the hordes from starving. Although the Romans subdued a huge sections of the Barbarians, the Roman armies were heavily reliant on them to fill their ranks in every conflict they had. If we don''t learn from History, we are condemned to repeat it.

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    There are many different forms of bees (the bumblebee, for instance). Without pageant from the honeybee, those different bees might good fill within the ecological area of interest that honeybees have held. That's to not say there may not be penalties for wasting the honeybee. Just declaring that the penalties won't final lengthy.

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    Our crops won't produce as much fruit, and plants wouldn't get pollinated, resulting in harder work to get fruit, perhaps even pollinating fruit ourselves. We won't necessarily lose honey. Honey is almost always made by humans now, except the natural/organic kinds.

    The few animals that specialize in eating bees (bee-wolf, bee-eater) and a few other animals that tend to feed on them, not as much (dragonflies,mockingbirds,kingsbirds,spiders..etc) may not get enough food. The animals that specialize in eating bees will probably die off as well, or be forced to change diets.

    Bee keepers will probably have to get enough hobby, buy their own honey, or even get a new job, if they work as a bee keeper.

    Beeswax might start to get harder to find, perhaps man will even learn how to make it themselves , which is unlikely. People also take bee pollen as a supplement, so they may start to have vitamin/mineral deficiencies, and/or have to find another supplement.

    53 more people would be alive each year in the U.S., since bees wouldn't exists and wouldn't be able to sting. This is more then death by rattlesnake bites, black widow and brown recluse bites,shark attacks,mountain lions and bear attacks, combined, per year in the U.S.

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    9 years ago

    In theory plants to not get pollinated and food crops fail - I am personally not convinced bees are so critical,but Einstein seemed to be.

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    war and famine

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