Preschool Party Ideas..? *HELP*?

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next me and friend want to throw a preschool party just for kicks and need help planing it.

we already know it will be at my house.. and we want SPECIAL AGENT OSO to be the main preschool person we base the party upon. NOW we also want to include OTHER current preschool people. so far we came up with ELMO and will need 2 others. Do any of you have any idea how we can excute this party. WE REALLY need to make this a DECENT party since this is the FIRST PARTY ANYONE AT OUR SCHOOL EVERY THROWN. ( besides b-day parties...) Now me,my friend and and brother are probably gonna be the hosts of this thing with 10-25 guest in all. We are in 5TH GRADE (don't judge us as babies we are doing this just to RELIVE OUR PRESCHOOL FUN!!!!) and we are 10-11 with somewhat mature boys and mature girls. Please help! I want this party to be the best ever!!! ;D Please answer with detail detail and MORE DETAIL. It really means a lot! Thanks!

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    I'm a professional party planner. Read my Elmo party ideas page here for inspiration:

    There are also lots of ideas for invitations, food and drink, decorations, party games etc, including:

    Elmo pom pom invitations

    Food & Drink:

    Banana Nutmeg Smoothie (Elmo's fav fruit is banana)

    Red Elmo Punch

    Dorothy’s Punch (Dorothy his pet goldfish)

    Elmo Pizzas

    Elmo's red vegetable alphabet soup

    Elmo bento boxes

    PB&J sandwiches that look like Elmo's face

    Elmo's face out of babybel cheese

    Goldfish Crackers

    Frozen chocolate covered bananas

    Elmo cupcakes

    Elmo cake pops

    Elmo red macaroons

    Elmo jello

    Goldfish bowl jello

    Edible crayons

    Fruit face Elmo (using watermelon)

    There’s also decoration and styling ideas using Crayons (elmo’s fav)

    Party games inc:

    Pizza Making

    Dorothy’s Lucky Dip

    Hunt for Dorothy

    Elmo Says

    Hope that helps. If you find the ideas useful, please hit the Facebook 'like' / Google +1 / Twitter buttons at the bottom of the page to help me promote the page.

    All the best


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    Snack: cupcakes. You can't go wrong Craft: make their own valentines. You can use fingerpaints (if you're feeling brave) and stickers, or they can make little clay valentine hearts using the no-bake modeling clay. Putting a handprint in it for mom & dad might be a nice touch. It would make a nice keepsake. Or... you can have them create a valentine's day card box out of a shoe box. This is good if they're actually going to be exchanging valentine's day cards. Aluminum foil, paper doilies, construction paper, crayons/markers... all things you might ordinarily find in a pre-school classroom, or the parents can chip in a bit for supplies Games: Musical chairs, pin the tail on the donkey, a pinata... and don't forget the prizes! You can get really cheap prize packages at Walmart in their gift wrap and cards area... noisy, annoying, and sure to please little people. Have fun! As long as you keep them occupied, you'll be fine. Load them up with sugar, and send them home!

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    Hi, I did this for my Preschooler.

    I hired a stripper off the corner! And let her play with them, all the boys LOVED It.

    it was a HIT.

    Hope it helps!

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