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Where would be a good road-trip destination?

That you would like to do at any time, to anywhere in the country, perhaps a favourite spot of yours.


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    I worry that my answer is only going to demonstrate my ignorance of NZ tourism and NZ in general.

    For me, a good road trip destination would actually be Wellington. I know it's just another big city and if that's my idea of a road trip destination, then maybe I may as well stay in Auckland. It's just that I've always wanted to go to Wellington. It's our film capital, culture capital, etc. I feel like there must surely be lots to do in Wellington, so if I'm going to go on a long road trip, I should really go some place where I know I can experience a great deal of different things.

    In a country like NZ, road tripping by car runs the risk of missing amazing scenery, or at least not being able to make the most of it. For that reason, I may sacrifice the road trip experience for a train ride down to Wellington (if ever I go). In saying that, an interest in scenery should make me re-evaluate my answer and choose a South Island destination.

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    Probably somewhere in Central Otago, maybe the Queenstown/Arrowtown area. That's somewhere I've been before, but with The Remarkables it's certainly a sight to behold - a view I could get used to.

    Something I'd like to do one summer is follow the Black Caps around the country for the duration of at least a T20/ODI series. I'd get to see a fair bit of the country and a fair bit of cricket over the space of a couple of weeks. For a long enough series (and assuming AMI Stadium is still out of commission), this would result in 2-3 nights in each of Auckland, Wellington, Napier, one of Queenstown or Dunedin, and possibly Whangarei too. It would be a great trip.

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    I have to say anywhere in Fiordland. I love the drive to Milford Sound, the trees on both sides and the road you can't stop on because of avalanche warnings.

    I love Able Tasman, but I HATE the Takaka road. It's so nauseating. The road near Maruia Springs are nice too.

    I haven't done much driving around the North Island. Last year I went from Taupo to Wellington, it wasn't very interesting.

    The South Island is where it's at =]


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    My two favourite road trips that I've taken in New Zealand are:

    1. Northland. Staying at all the little bays and towns along the way. Beautiful beaches, friendly town, kauri forests, and even the odd wine trail or two.

    2. The Catlins, Southland. Go there out of season, the summers are really busy. Beautiful and violent beaches, amazing forest walks and even more amazing waterfalls.

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    My favourite spot is whatuwhiwhi in the far north about 30kms east of kaitaia in nowheresville I only frequent the place every few years and haven't been back since 06 - news flash they finally have asphalt roading lol - Absolutely beautiful scenery nestled on the coast a little community with one of those petrol station, shop, bottle store, takeaways - all in one - So much is untouched from the bushlands to the beach however you can still see evidence of progress happening all around still it would probably take years for it to even develop into a big town like kaitaia.

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    I FINALLY made it to Milford Sound a year or so ago and absolutely LOVED it. I had been to Queenstown and thought that was scenic enough, but Fiordland blows that out of the water. I would love to explore more of it.

    I also love the West Coast (of the south island) with the amazing forest and lakes and mountains and coast.

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    well that depends on where you live i live with in 4 hours of zions national park bryce canyon lands capitol reef dinosaur monument bear lake and the whole Wasatch mt range so a short road trip twenty min from home is the alpine loop you get a beautiful drive threw the back side of timp

  • I really want to explore USA with a friend of mine, celeb hunting in LA, visiting my good friend in Oklahoma, drinking Starbucks in NY and doing whatever we want anywhere else we decide to go.

    In NZ I want to do South Island and Stewart Island again. There's this beautiful little island in Stewart Island called Ulva Island and the birds there are so tame! A robin sat on my foot when I was there!

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    North island - Auckland/taupo/wellington

    South island - Queenstown/fiordland

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    Ok, most of these answers are really stupid. If I was you, I would catch a plane the Christchurch but if you don't want to stay there for a night then drive to Hanmer Springs. Then drive from Hanmer Springs to Franz Josef around 5 hour drive but if you cannot drive that far, you can stay at Hokitika (4 hours)

    Then drive to Wanaka. Then to Queenstown. Optional: Drive to Te Anau, then go to Milford Sound. Or from Queenstown, go to Dunedin or Invercargill.

    Hope this helps :)

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