Why is the internet becoming on big monopoly?

Yahoo! was my favorite everything.

I used to only use Yahoo! for email and web searching. I used to watch YouTube a lot.

I used to avoid using Google and Bing.

But now, Yahoo! is powered by Bing, and Yahoo!'s CEO is PayPal's president.

YouTube is now part of Google.

For years, I loved my screen-name.I really dislike Facebook. I used to chat on Yahoo! with family. I used to chat with friends on MSN. Now, everyone uses Facebook. I really don't like to like to have to use my name on Facebook.

I used to like the way people would have their profiles on several sites. People would either get web hosting, or find a site they felt comfortable with, now it's all Facebook.

A few years ago, the Internet used to feel like this big virtual metropolis. Today, the Internet feels more like a boring little town where everyone knows each other, and it's always the same people.

I don't think all the merging of big Internet companies is a good thing.

Why is the internet becoming on big monopoly?

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  • 8 years ago

    Clearly, these corporate giants are coming together to keep us under a big microscope and not simply to monopolize commercial marketing across the board . . . There is even a bill being presented to give these powerful corporate moguls the legal right to shut-down the internet if deemed necessary by the president(though we ALL KNOW that the president is only "the front-man" for these corporate moguls who pretty much call all the shots . . . they are those behinds the scenes that are there when presidents arrive and will REMAIN when they go . . . ). The proposed legislation allows Obama to "declare a cyber-security emergency" relating to "non-governmental" computer networks and make a plan to respond to the danger, according to an excerpt published online -- a broad license that rights experts worry would give the president "amorphous powers" over private users.

    Personally, I have a facebook account but I do my best to not make ANY connections and use a different email account for EVERY thing I use on the internet!! And I NEVER use the various apps with the Android system for smart phones that AUTOMATICALLY links your email contacts together!! We need to voice our concern over these practices that most folk are NOT paying attention to under the guise of convenience!!

  • 8 years ago

    They are, either intended or not, isolating people from the world. Last year, Google changed their engine so that it would just pick up things that is happening/concerning/publicated in your own country regarding a search, or at least that's what will come up on the first pages. Search for Libya revolt in Libya and then in the US, and you will get completely different results.

    I personally think that things like this will continue to happen in the next years.

  • 4 years ago

    As literally all non-retarded humans know, monopolies are IMPOSSIBLE to sustain without help from government force.

  • 8 years ago

    tis the cycle of business

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