list your 10 dream matches and star before answering?

star please

list 10 matches that could never happen but you would like to watch them

also name every match if you can

rate mine

1 taker vs goldberg, my 1st dream match

2 hogan vs rock vs cena battle between eras

3 big show vs andre the giant vs giant gonzales vs the great khali, battle of the giants

4 NWO vs the nexus and the corre, name it

5 evolution vs the four horsemen (ric flair will be in both)

6 ADR vs eddie G vs sin cara vs rey mysterio mexico's revolution

7 steve austin vs mr anderson vs dolph ziggler, name it

8 JoMo w/melina vs macho man w/miss E, name it

9 cm punk vs scott hall, the straight edge vs the....(you know what i mean lol)

10 y2j vs ricky seamboat (prime) my 2 favourite wrestlers

name your matches and i left some of my matches for you to name it

dont forget to star

sorry for my english

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    1 taker vs goldberg, my 1st dream match. Goldberg was too one dimensional. He had nice power moves, but The Undertaker has better Mat Wrestling, better Aerial Moves and more submissions. The Undertaker wins this match.

    2 hogan vs rock vs cena battle between eras. If this is 1980's Hulk Hogan vs. 1990's The Rock vs. 2000's John Cena then I give the edge to Hulk Hogan. Hulk Hogan was 6'8 320lbs, didn't know his own strength and hit like a runaway freight train.

    3 big show vs andre the giant vs giant gonzales vs the great khali, battle of the giants. I hate this match. If we are talking 1990's The Big Show (When he was The Giant in WCW and could fly through the air and throw drop kicks) vs. 1970's Andre The Giant when he could fly through the air and throw dropkicks vs. Giant Gonzales who was absolutely terrible vs. The Great Khali was absolutely terrible? I would hope The Big Show and Andre The Giant threw The Great Khali and Giant Gonzales out of the ring and wreslted for themselves.

    4 NWO vs the nexus and the corre, name it. The New World Order wins this match through strength of numbers and experience. When you added up The nWo United States + nWo Japan you had about 20 members and many of them began wrestling in the 1980's, they would clearly have the experience edge over The NEXUS and The CORRE.

    5 evolution vs the four horsemen (ric flair will be in both). It doesn't say which version of The Four Horsemen, but I will say that The 1986 Four Horsemen, The 1998 Four Horsemen and The 1989 Four Horsemen beat Evolution. All 3 versions had the experience edge over Evolution.

    6 ADR vs eddie G vs sin cara vs rey mysterio mexico's revolution. All 4 come from Wrestling Families and this might be the most interesting match that you selected. Sin Cara just might be the least experienced of the 4. All of them wrestled for different Professional Wrestling Promotions all over the world. I'll give Alberto Del Rio the advantage, because he has The Strongest Amateur Wrestling Background and is the only Mixed Martial Arts Figher of the 4.

    7 steve austin vs mr anderson vs dolph ziggler, name it. Dolph Ziggler is the only Amateur Wrestler of the 3 and has the best combination of Mat Wrestling, Aerial Skills and Brawling.

    8 JoMo w/melina vs macho man w/miss E, name it. Macho Man is the better Mat Wrestler and knows more rule-breaking tactics. He would win this match.

    9 cm punk vs scott hall, the straight edge vs the....(you know what i mean lol). Scott Hall has the advantage in Height, Weight and Strength. CM Punk has the advantage in mat wrestling, speed quickness and Martial Arts Skills. This might be the closest match to call because Scott Hall may be one of the most underrated wrestlers in the History of Wrestling due to his personal demons.

    10 y2j vs ricky seamboat (prime) my 2 favourite wrestlers. Very tough one to call, they are two of my all time favorites. I will give Ricky Steamboat the edge because of his Martial Arts Skills.

    My Dream Matches:

    1) Keiji Mutoh vs. Bret The Hitman Hart.

    2) Jushin Thunder Liger vs. The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels.

    3) Stan Hansen vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin.

    4) Bruiser Brody vs. Sheamus.

    5) The Hart Foundation vs. The Midnight Express.

    6) The Road Warriors vs. The British Bulldogs.

    7) The Eliminators vs. Doom vs. The Steiner Brothers vs. The Pitbulls.

    8) Eddie Guerrero vs. Curt Hennig vs. Chris Benoit vs. Ricky Steamboat.

    9) The Rock n' Roll Express vs. The Miz and John Morrison vs. Primo Colon and Carlito Colon vs. The New Age Outlaws.

    10) Dynamite Kid vs. Davey Richards vs. Chris Benoit vs. Roderick Strong.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    1. The Undertaker vs Sting

    2. Big Show vs Andre the Giant

    3. CM Punk vs Stone Cold Steve Austin

    4. Sin Cara vs Rey Mysterio

    5. Mr. Perfect vs Dolph Ziggler

    6. Jack Swagger vs Kurt Angle

    7. New World Order vs The Nexus and The Corre

    8. Daniel Bryan vs Chris Benoit

    9. Hulk Hogan vs John Cena

    10. The Great Khali vs Giant Gonzales

  • John Cena Vs Hulk Hogan - Icon Match

    John Cena Vs The Rock - If John Cena Wins WWE Stays PG If The Rock Wins WWE Goes Back To A WWE Attidude Era

    Ultmate Warrior Vs Sheamus - Who's The Real Warrior?

    Undetaker Vs Mick Foley - For The Streak - In A Hardcore Match

    The New Nexus Vs The Core - Tag Team No DQ Match

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    My number one dream match COULD have taken place...

    I'm talking about the WWF vs. WCW/ECW winner takes all match during the invasion storyline. This had the potential to the best storyline of all time, but was so dissapointing. Had it been handled properly, ECW wouldn't even be part of the invasion and the top stars of WCW would have been a part of it. Assuming this happened, this would be my dream match:

    Team WWF vs WCW

    Team WWF: Stone Cold, The Rock, HBK, 'Taker, HHH, Mankind & Kane

    Team WCW: Hogan, Sting, Flair, Nash, DDP, Goldberg & Bret Hart


    but any way here is the rest of my top ten in no particular order (all wrestlers would be in their primes).

    'Taker vs Sting

    HBK vs The Rock

    Bret Hart vs Angle

    Andre the Giant vs The Big Show

    Hogan vs Cena

    Stone Cold vs CM Punk

    Sting vs HBK

    Lesnar vs Stone Cold

    Goldberg vs Lesnar - I know this happened at WM XX but it SUCKED. This could have been one of the best matches of all time and the crowd were complete sh*tbags for both of them leaving WWE and only cheered for stone cold. Let's face it this match WAS a dream match, but turned out not to be, so I think I'm justified in calling a this match this a dream match.

    All matches are a standard match (obviously other than WWF vs WCW)

    I'm assuming all your matches are the wrestlers in their prime

    1. Very good - imagine at WM the streak vs the streak. I'd want goldberg to win

    2. I think adding Cena's a bit superfluous, but still great match. Hogan should win

    3. Giant gonzalez and Khali were sh*t! But Show vs Andre in their primes would be a classic.

    4. Not interested. NWO was the only good heel stable.

    5. Don't get how the flair thing would work, but good match. Four horseman would win

    6. Not interested

    7. Not interested

    8. Alright, normal match, Macho Man all the way

    9. Not interested

    10. Very good match - Steamboat would win

    Also, please answer my question here:

    Source(s): Was a hardcore fan from 1994 to 2004 and have watched on and off since then.
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  • 9 years ago

    Cena vs Ultimate Warrior

    Cena vs Randy Savage

    Cena vs Andre the Giabt

    Cena vs Hogan

    Cena vs Bret Hart

    Cena vs Stone Cold

    Cena vs Aj Styles

    Cena vs Sting

    Cena vs Undertaker(@ Wrestlemania)

    Cena vs Bruno Sammartino

  • Spurs
    Lv 4
    9 years ago

    I will give you one and decide....

    A 40 Diva/Knockout Royal Rumble Bra and Panties match

    Rules:The only way to eliminate someone is to strip them to their Bra and Panties.

    Some Big Names will be: Trish,Lita,Kelly Kelly,Velvet Sky, Angelina Love,Mickie James,Michelle McCool,,Brooke Adams,Layla,Eve,Torrie Wilson,Dawn Marie,Ashley Massaro, Krystal,Melina,Natalya,Brie Bella,Nikki Bella, Kaitlin,AJ Lee, Alicia Fox, Rosa Mendes, Stacy Keibler,Candice Michelle Maria Maryse,Sable,Tiffany,Stephanie, Sunny, Lena Yada,Sarita, Rosita,Madison Rayne,Gail Kim, Lacey Von Erich,Sable,Christy Hemme,Winter Tara

    I have added all 40 divas/knockouts (mostly divas) in this match.

    Note:Some will be former divas/knockouts as well.

    Source(s): Me and my mind
  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

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    Source(s): reported.
  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

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  • 9 years ago


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