Can someone in great detail tell me what the movie the devil inside was about?

Please add alot of details ! (: and no im not going to watch it

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    It starts off with a police call from a woman named Maria Rossi in 1989, and how she killed 3 people. It turns out she killed the people (two priests and a nun) during an exorcism being performed on her. Isabella Rossi (late twenty year old daughter of Maria) starts to document her life with a documentarian named Michael and in 2009 travels to Italy where her mother is being held in an Insane Asylum. We continue to find out that the church was trying to keep under wraps that she was possesed, and Isabella even recounts to the fact that her now-deceased father even talked about how she became possed.

    In Italy she meets two young ministers training to become exexorcistswho tell of how the church is turning away cases of people that had the symptoms of being possesed. Isabella goes to visit her mother in the asylum to find that she cuts upside down crosses on her body and in Isabella's eyes definitely possessed. She seeks the support of the two ministers, which is when they expose to her that they secretly preform exorcisms on the people the church turned away. Although illegal and in Michaels eyes, unethical, the ministers assure they are doing good. They urge Maria to come along to an exorcism, to see and experience it first hand, she agrees. The go to a house of a possed girl named Rosa, where they find her contorted under a sheet, they begin the exexorcismand the demon begins to talk to Isabella as she is watching. She calls her by name and begins taunting both her and Michael, the ministers/priests continue with the exexorcismShe begins to speak in tongue, memenstruateand even float, she breaks free and after a short struggle they complete the exexorcismnd frees Rosa of the demon.

    Isabella agrees to an ExExorcismn her mother, and during the ExExorcismshe breaks free and begins attacking the ministers, Michael and Isabella. After the struggle, the exexorcismis deemed complete and successful as Maria ststabilizesUpon leaving the Asylum and returning to the house, one minister and Isabella, begin to act strange. The one minister begins to show possesed actions and also fears for his job. Isabella also begins to show possessed behaviour. It is confirmed that the one minister is possesed after he tries to drown a baby during a baptism. The demon takes hold of the minister and shoots himself in the mouth, and then Isabella's possesion becomes stronger. She is then rushed to a nearby hospital, where the remaining minister urges the nurses to let him take her, because she is not sick, but possesed. After a big struggle in the hospital, Michael and the remaining priest take Isabella, put her in the car, and begin rushing her to the church so they can preform an exexorcismDuring the ride, the minister loses control of the aggressive possesed Isabella and she attacks, Michael as he is driving, and then he becomes possessed. He ends up driving straight into an oncoming truck and the car is flipped over. Then the movie ends by saying the case was never solved and the bodies were never found. Thus concludes a very predictable, boring, movie.

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    i'm no longer likely non secular in any way, (even with the undeniable fact that i'm no longer athiest). I wasn't stated in a non secular way truly, even with the undeniable fact that I do have self belief in an effective being of a few type. No, i do no longer think the Harry Potter sequence is in any way evil. Come on, that's a e book. (or to be precise 6 books to date). for my area, i do no longer think of the books are evil, as they're in simple terms Fiction and myth. i do no longer see how they could effect you in any undesirable way or make you do something incorrect. And the books emphasize the stable. appropriate? Harry Potter is noble, stable, brave and type. Hermonie is committed and hardworking. And Ron...properly he's incorrect. Dumbledore is the essence of stable. those persons are the winners of the story, the conquerors. helpful, Voldemort is evil, yet word he has been thwarted at each turn. the ethical of the story is that stable will triumph over evil in time, no remember how overpowering evil seems to be. How can that be evil? in simple terms my opinion, and that i might like to hearken to from somebody who believes them to be evil.

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