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Physics-Latent Heat of Fusion problem?

The Latent Heat of Fusion for water (ice) is 80 cal/gºC. How much heat energy would be needed to raise the temperature of 30 g of ice (at 0ºC) to water at 25ºC?


a. 25 cal

b. 105 cal

c. 750 cal

d. 3150 cal

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    first,ice will take heat to transform to water from its ice state.but the temperature will be immutable because of the latent heat.

    so H1=30 x 80 cal

    then it will raise its temperature to 25ºC

    so H2=30 X 1 X {0-(-25)}cal

    TOTAL HEAT ENERGY=H1+H2=2400=750=3150 cal

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    Heat Of Fusion Problems

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    You need to consider it in three steps. 1) The heat needed to warm the ice from -10 C to 0 C. 2) The heat needed to melt the ice. 3) The heat needed to warm the water from 0 C to 90 C. To do steps 1 and 3 you will need the specific heat capacity of ice and liquid water respectively.

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