Dubstep In Columbus Ohio - Anything Good Coming Up?

Hey! I am visiting Columbus Ohio from Jan 14 - 18 and I was wondering if ANYTHING Dubstep is happening then. Thanks in advance.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Don't know about those dates specifically but check out Circus...they have a facebook pg and myspace page I think....

    Circus Bar, Columbus/Short North....I think they have some Dubstep stuff.

    Or also check the schedule at Skully's and see if you recognize anyone playing there...on those dates.

    --I think those are the only two places I can think of..

    Or, there is an Electronic Music Club at Ohio State...


    You could try and contact them and see if there's anything going on...that way you could meet up with some people too, make some new friends.

    Arthur Brehmn: brehm.55@osu.edu

    or wathen.9@osu.edu is the email that they've listed for new members to contact....

    ---You have to be an Ohio State Student to join...but I'm sure they at least know stuff that's going on and wouldn't mind sharing their info.

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