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I'm feeling very depressed, how can I fix my life?

So, I'm a 15 year old guy, a sophomore in high school, and I feel like I have nothing going right in my life at the moment... In my life almost nothing has been going well and I feel so over whelmed!

Here's a little back story on me...

I was bullied all through grade and middle school

I was suicidal all through middle school and attempted suicide in 8th grade

I suffer from Insomnia, OCD, Aspergers and minor Paranoia

I live in a Ghetto (No, stop the black jokes right there, I'm Native American, I'm just very poor and live in a poor neighborhood with a high crime rate)

I never had a friend that went to the same school as me until high school and I bitterly hate everybody from my grade/middle school

My father was a dead beat and nearly every male figure to this point in my life has disappointed me (My Grandfather is an alcoholic and my uncle who raised me with my aunt, is a very angry person who yells at me and gets upset at me daily for small things)

So that's a little background on me, here are the reasons I feel so depressed...

My OCD has gotten far worse, to a point where I can hardly stop it and it has caused me mental torment and severe pain! I keep counting to the number 16 over and over again and I can't stop, despite how badly I want to and it's torturing me and destroying my focus, this condition has been happening for years, but it got worse at the start of this year, which is curiously the year I turn 16.

I have lost my faith in God, I believe he exists I just don't believe in looking to him for help or guidance. I have never had a role model or somebody to look up to. In my entire life being raised Catholic, I have never prayed to ask for anything that I can remember, I've always helped myself and never asked for help in life, because so far, when I ask for help, I get disappointed.

None of my friends are giving good advice, some are never their, some are like "lol, that sucks" and what pisses me off most, the person I have been there for for a long time, got all pissed and was sick of my problems and is like "You have no idea what's going on in my life" and I lost it, I helped her last year, through all my issues and I suffered a break down from helping people too much and she just gets pissed and is like "get over it" and "I don't know how to respond to that". So, she completely pissed me off and is in my personal opinion being very ungrateful.

I have been friend-zoned by every girl I would date and it is very upsetting... the only girlfriend I've ever had cheated on me about 20 times... and the worst part... My friends say I'm the sweetest guy they know and the best boy friend material... just not for them... and I agree with this, nice guys finish last, but I can't bring myself to be a jerk.

My grades are bad and slowly being built up, but they aren't good at this point and I have just recently started to work harder. It upsets me to see my grades low.

I have started eating a lot due to my depression, the more I eat, the more weight I gain, the more weight I gain, the more depressed I get, the more depressed I get, the more I eat.

My home life is terrible... My dad is either not home, asleep, trying to blame something on me or yell at me about something I didn't do or something small and insignificant I did... My mom is almost never home because she is always busy and when she is she's stressed about meetings, I spend all my day usually in my room.

A: How do I fix my life?

B: What do you think about my background?

C: How do I fix my OCD?

D: Do you think the number 16 has some significance? If so, what?

E: What do I do about my lost faith and lack of trust?

F: What do I do about my friends?

G: What do I do about my relationship problems?

H: Why do jerks get all the girls?

I: Why can't I be a jerk?

J: What do I do about my grades?

K: What do I do about my eating?

L: What do I do about my parents?

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    You know what, dude. I think I'm going to help you. at least try to.

    A: How do I fix my life? Put on a smile and get a counselor to talk to, or a shrink (whatever you wanna call them)

    B: What do you think about my background? Its very depressing

    C: How do I fix my OCD?-Try to think about things that make you happy. Play the guitar, get into sports, do something to get your mind off of it. I can be slightly OCD at times myself, and when I feel like that, I just get on Yahoo! and answer questions for hours on end.

    D: Do you think the number 16 has some significance? If so, what? I have no idea about this one.

    E: What do I do about my lost faith and lack of trust? I'm not a Christian, so I dunno.

    F: What do I do about my friends?-people will be people and everyone wants friends. If they're being jerks, maybe you should find someone else to talk to. And being social is like eating broccoli for me, so I'm not so sure about this question either.

    G: What do I do about my relationship problems?-I dunno, you're a nice person, so you don't need to try to be nicer. Social life can be tough.

    H: Why do jerks get all the girls?-not all jerks do, its just the girls that want to be so cool and go for the dumb guys. Dumb guys, dumb girls-what a perfect match.

    I: Why can't I be a jerk?- You shouldn't be a jerk. Stay the way you are.

    J: What do I do about my grades?-Grades can always be a huge problem in life. I don't have good grades myself, so I dunno. Try hard?

    K: What do I do about my eating? If you feel like eating, remind yourself that you're just feeling depressed and get away from food so you don't eat yourself to death. But, if you really are hungry, don't hesitate to find a snack.

    L: What do I do about my parents? You know, I'm not sure. Parents are parents and often, their children have a hard time getting to them. Seeing how yours are, maybe you should just shrug it off. They shouldn't be hurting your life if your their own son. Their fault entirely.

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    it was never between u and the other people around u,it's always between you and God! dude,you've been thru a lot,u r feeling weak,but i guess gods preparing u to be strong,these are all problems thrown in your way as u approach ur destiny,u decide,whether to sit nd cry over ur problems or put them behind u n move ahead with strong will power. thts all i got to say,n if possible read The Alchemist written by paul coelho. all the best!

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    If I thought for a second you were serious, I would try and help you but a troll knows a troll.

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