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Slaine vs Sam Adams (boston rap)?

for boston fans hip/hop fans here, whose side on you on?

Slaine, boston rapper and member of LCN criticizes that the new upcoming Sam Adams (sophomoric, spoiled) is not fit to be included in hip/hop. Both rappers are white; Sam Adams has been recognized from his remix "I Hate college" from Asher Roth "I love college".... (they're both horrible songs) and he plans on joining the music industry like other puppets, whereas Slaine is primarily underground. Most of you know Slaine from Gone Baby Gone and The Town (films by Ben Affleck). Any questions, comments, observations, lamentations? Who is the better rapper, is Sam Adams fit to represent the city of Boston?


@frosh you forgot about R.E.K.S there

Update 2:

7l & Esoteric

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  • 9 years ago
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    Boston Rap isnt Sam Adams bro..

    Edo G.


    Big Shug


    Krumb Snatcha


    Dont ask Boston rap fans about Sam Adams. Ask a 17 year old girl

    *REKS for sure

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Sam Adams, but it's not a fair comparison. Blue Moon is wheat (witbier) beer, Boston Lager is made with malted barley. Blue Moon, although originally an independent company is now a product of the Coors company. Sam Adams remains an independent brewery, managed by it's founder and actually very cool guy Jim Koch.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    boston reks and termanology the best

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