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What happens to the gold in the stomach when we eat Gold Dosa, the recent novelty of Dosa wrapped in gold foil?

A restaurant in Bangalore, India is reported to have introduced this novelty which is selling far beyond expectation priced at over Rs 1000 apiece!!

In any case, the Gold and Silver Chyavanprash (an Ayurvedic nutritional digestive) has been in the market for quite sometime now.

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    Nothing happens. The gold used is incredably thin and has very little strength so the gold is broken into tiny fragments during chewing and digestion. If the gold is 18 to 24 carot then it will not break down in the body, rather looking like microscopic vertions of torn paper and balled up aluminium foil. If it is a lower quality some of the impurities may be leached out into the body but the majority will be excreeted the same as the 18 to 24, in the feces. None of the chemicals found in the GI tract can dissolve gold,and the gold is too thin and weak to cause any damage to the individual concerned. It is still not a good idea however to consume large quantities of gold metal as indigestable elements of foods in large quantities can cause issue to proper digestion.

    Source(s): Laboratory Technician, Ambulance Officer training.
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    I've worked with plating and read about gold leaf and gold plating. Interesting thing about gold is that it can be made incredibly thin. The amount of gold going into their stomachs is minute. I've seen artists who use gold foil, the same stuff they are using in the Dosa, simply throw the extra bits into the wind. I'm sure the stomach acids can handle it. In fact I know they have coated aphrodisiac pills with gold in India before.

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    Gold get dissolved in body, harmless in small quantity. Adds up to the body. Anyways there is something known as gold toxicity. So only consume gold in very very small quantity.

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