Agp or pci-e video card?

I have a HP "DPS-240MB-3 A" and i wanted to upgrade the video card. I needed to know if i had a agp or pci-e video card and i wanted to know where it is.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Open it up and look to see what you have. If you can't even differentiate between AGP and PCI-e then don't mess too much with your computer.

    BTW the "DPS-240MB-3 A" comes up as a power supply.

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  • morano
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    3 years ago

    AGP runs at 8x max and PCI-E runs at 16x is the straightforward answer. reckoning on the gadget, you should or received't be able to note any distinction. keep in mind that no board has both, so if you have become a clean board with PCI-E, you're probable getting a clean CPU too, per chance also switching from an IDE to SATA HD, etc. immediately, they're probable no longer *too* a techniques aside on performance, yet i ought to absolutely recommend going with a PCI-E board if you're interior the marketplace for a clean board. it is going to fee extra now, yet interior the destiny, you're going to ought to make the substitute, may besides do it now.

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