Capricorn and their explosive temper?

It's got to come out sooner or later, but how do you make 'others' forget it?

What would be a better way to handle discord?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Capricorn is all about control (I am a capi) and I find they can control anger, or at least control who sees it. My experience of one angry capi woman who came against me was she deliberately used an anger she didn't feel as a way to gain back control of a situation I had taken out of her hands. It was her last ditch effort at control that was effectively gone. I never spoke to her again as I removed her off my client list. Just be aware that caps will use anger as a weapon to manipulate, they may not be actually angry but instead inside they are cold and calculating, they will just pretend anger to get their way.

    In my experience capi won't anger in front of anyone or ever lose control, they will do it alone where no one can see or see their weakness. Many capis cannot be bothered with discord, they either rule a situation or they leave that situation. They want things all their own way, because it becomes a power struggle they rarely compromise their power base (like scorp in that way)...

    The cap woman also fabricated the entire argument subject, she was actually annoyed about a text I sent her, but her argument a minute later was on something unrelated. It was all pretend. She wasn't even strong enough to admit the real reason she was annoyed which made her weak in my eyes. So they use anger in a cold calculated way and manufacture fake arguments to get back power.

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  • 5 years ago

    Geminis do get hot tempered. It also depends on other planets though like your mars sign. If a Libra is a Libra sun and mars then they will have a temper because a Libra mars actually can be aggressive. If a Libra is a Libra sun and Aquarius mars or Virgo mars then they won't be that aggressive.

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    9 years ago

    Capricorn Sun is not known for it's "explosive temper". That's a function of Mars.

  • 9 years ago

    excuse me?

    Capricorns do not normally have explosive tempers... look to the sign, house and aspects that involve Mars...

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  • 9 years ago

    they blame other people for their shortcomings..never themselves ! they can stab in the back, make up total lies ad when you catch them,....u will see the anger lol..

    it is called misdirected anger.

    Some join the army and take great pride in all things " patriotic..kicking *** that kind of stuff"..

    of course they are explosive..and highly emotional. They just put on that front superior, am smart and you all re dumb, I kick *** ad revel in their bad sides !!

    ruled by fear, saturn....the root of all evils.

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