iPhone/iTouch "Free Music" Apps?

I cant figure out if all of those apps suck or I'm just not using them correctly:

I've been trying the 'top' free music applications in the app store. There is no kind of central music search in any of the applications, instead you have to go to the given websites one at a time and look at the "Free Music" (which is really 99% underground hip-hop artists and 1% some other dumb s***) Basically no kind of mainstream or good music what-so-ever. I've tried about 50 different bands that I know and no free music for any of them.

Is there something that I'm doing wrong or are the apps really this way? If so can you point me to a good Free Music app that actually does have a central music search function where you can just look up a song and download?

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    I use "Free Music Download Pro Plus." It's in the top 25 of apps, so I'm assuming that is the one you are talking about. Yes, you are doing it wrong. Don't worry, I made the same mistake lol. You don't need another app. This one actually works!

    See, for legal reasons, the makers of this app CANNOT tell you where to download mainstream music. You have to find them yourself by Googling around or going to known sites. For this app, I use mp3skull.com and mp3raid.com. They have practically EVERY song I want and the bands that I like. Use those sites instead of the ones that the app gives you. If you can't find a certain song you want, Google the name of the song and free mp3. So if the song was called "Apple," Google "Apple free mp3." Good luck! :)

    Source(s): I have the app and have downloaded several songs
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