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Film Effects - Car Crash?

Is there somewhere where I can learn to make a car crash in either Adobe After Effects, Sony Vegas or a similar program? I'd like to make it look like some gets hit by the car, or I crash into another car. Either way, I want it to look realistic. All I've seen on YouTube is like a car flying by on the screen and a person just flying off the screen. Honestly it looks awful.

I have to make a video for school about Texting and Driving, for my Future Business Leaders of America club. My group is for video production, and we have to make a video about texting and driving, so I want to make it look like the person crashes into another person or a car.

For example, I want it to look something like this, or at least try to: /watch?v=9S75Rfva9O8

Type YouTube dot com before that to view it.

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    It's gonna be hard since you're a noob at it atm. I'd recommend you fake the crash and maybe act like there was actually a car crash.

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