Do you think I have a shot at getting into Brown, Berkeley, UCLA?

Hi guys, sorry for adding to the thousands of questions about this but I was wondering if, in your opinion, I could get into any of those three schools with my credentials, because those are the three best schools I want to go to. By the way I am now a junior in high school and it's almost first semester finals for my school. So, here we go...and sorry if some of it is a little personal, I just value your opinions and want you to get the whole picture.

-volunteer at the local aquarium (2 yrs)

-on volunteer Board at local aquarium this year

-on the Board for my school's Pink Ribbon Club (raises money for breast cancer) (2 yrs)

-honor roll (3 yrs)

-CSF member (3 yrs)

-music instructor for the middle school's musical this year

-volunteer tutor this year (have already achieved the Silver Award for my hours and going for the Gold by the end of the year)

-assistant teacher in 5th grade GATE (Gifted And Talented Education) program in biology

-have a job in design working for HopeLab (sells products to raise money for chronic diseases such as cancer)

-going to do Camp CHLA this summer if I get in (very competitive weeklong program that is an introduction into the medical field at Children's Hospital Los Angeles, top notch program)

-in choir (3 yrs)

-have performed at numerous invitational festivals, placed in statewide competitions, and am singing at a national conference, ACDA, as well as performing at Carnegie Hall in New York, both this year (having done all that with my choir)

So those are my extracurriculars. My SAT score right now is a 2100, and I know that's not spectacular but I took it without much preparation and studying, I'm taking it again in May and doing a test prep program for it--I intend to get at least a 2200.

I've taken a hard schedule with lots of honors and some AP classes but with my school it's hard to do a lot of APs until you're a senior. Nevertheless, I'm taking a lot of hard classes and even doubling up on advanced science classes this year. I've had straight A's since freshman year and it looks like it's going to continue at least through this semester. I have a 4.22 weighted GPA and obviously a 4.0 unweighted.

I'm a strong writer, and my essay topic I'm going to do is on my personal battle with cancer, which I had when I was 10. How it's affected me and such, and how I want to go into the medical field and help others as a result, because I know how it feels.

Thanks so much for taking time for this!!

Now, having said all you think I have a chance in hell at getting into any of these three schools?

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    UC admission evaluation is based on a variety of factors. All UCs favor students with rigorous HS curriculum (high number of a-g and UC-approved honors/AP/IB/CC courses), excellent weighted and unweighted GPA, and stellar SAT/ACT scores. You are also compared to your peers, meaning your academic and extracurricular achievements are viewed in context of students in your HS and the general applicant pool in the year you apply.

    Berkeley is general achievement oriented (academic and extracurricular) and the campus is especially interested in students who will take advantage of what Berkeley has to offer and become the engine of social change.

    UCLA is more academic achievement oriented, meaning excellent grades and stellar test scores are essential to be competitive.

    You can see the profiles of admitted students to every UC campus at (click on the campus name, then "Freshman Admission Profile"). This will give you an idea of how competitive you should aim to be for admission to each UC campus.

    Source(s): I am a UC admissions expert who has been guiding students to the top UCs since 2006. I received my BA from Berkeley and I was in a PhD program at UCLA. Aside from advising students, I volunteer with Berkeley and UCLA on admissions outreach (I attend college fairs to promote the schools). I also volunteer at events sponsored by the Southern California alumni groups from both campuses, including alumni scholarship interviews. You may contact me for help on planning your academic curriculum, choosing extracurricular activities, writing your personal statement, or applying for scholarships.
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    Look them up on

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